Date : August 31, 2022
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Fear of fire bands & flame allow the fire safety equipment market to reach around USD 65000 Million by 2027: Bonafide Research

Fear of fire bands & flame allow the fire safety equipment market to reach around USD 65000 Million by 2027: Bonafide Research

Every year in the USA itself, damages of over USD 2.4 Billion due to fire are recorded. The majority of this could have been easily avoided if a proper fire safety system was installed and maintained. If this is the case with one of the most advanced countries, the calculation of the worldwide loss is beyond words. Even though there has been increasing emphasis on the importance of the fire protection system; thousands of fires are recorded every month across the world. The most heartbreaking analysis of these fires is that most of these deaths are caused by inhaling the smoke and not the fire itself. This is why the fire safety equipment system is considered to be important. According to the latest publication of Bonafide Research, titled Global Fire Safety Equipment Market Overview, 2022-2027, the market is likely to be growing over a value of USD 65000 Million by the end of the forecast period. For a better understanding, the market is classified into five major regions and 19 prominent countries, along with the sub-divisions based on application & the product type.

The report covers the major top companies like Gentex Corporation, HOCHIKI Corporation, Napco Security Technologies, Inc., Nittan Company, Ltd., Halma PLC, Robert Bosch GmbH, Honeywell International, Inc., and Siemens Building Technologies.     

The overall fire safety equipment market can be divided into three segments- Fire Detection, Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression equipment. Even though their fundamental remains the same, the functionality differs. The major drawback of the market is that the general awareness about the fire safety equipment is high among the people, but not the potential difference of these types.      
A fire detection system is programmed to identify the fire right at its development and alter the people for evacuation. Early detection of fire plays a huge role in the control of fire and thus creating a huge impact on the property & lives. Even though these systems are highly advantageous, it comes with a limitation of doing nothing other than detecting the fire & altering. The system comes effective immediately at the time of the fire, but for better results, it has to be equipped with alarm or suppression systems. Noticeably, the global market is dominated by the fire detection system, which held to more than half of the market share.   

The fire alarm systems identify the spark from smoke or heat and thus activate the extinguisher systems. These systems are usually self-monitored and can detect when connection errors occur which might hinder the system. The fire alarm has major four functions of detecting, altering, monitoring, and controlling. This sophisticated system uses a network of devices, appliances, and control panels to carry out these functions. In the coming period, the fire alarm segment is expected to be gaining more popularity compared to the other systems and thus show the highest anticipated growth rate of more than 6%.  

The fire suppression system runs on the function of extinguishing the fire as immediately as possible. Once the fire epicenter is evacuated, these systems are put into action to suppress the fire. The most commonly used substances are CO2, dry powder, or foam. Water is used much unlikely to be used as many times water can cause more damages. 

In short, the fire prevention equipment system works towards minimizing the possible fire hazards, while the protection helps in timely evacuation, and the fire suppression system acts to extinguish the fire. Fire prevention, protection, and suppression are interlinked three-step processes that aid in controlling mishaps & fights fire. Therefore, it is advised not to neglect any step.   


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Fear of fire bands & flame allow the fire safety equipment market to reach around USD 65000 Million by 2027: Bonafide Research

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