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1. GMD Research.

GMD Research (previously Grace Market Data) is a leading market research and industry data, publisher. As a market research and intelligence platform of Grace International Group LLC, GMD Research provides the most informative and latest digital intelligence products that contain not only data & information but also insightful industry & market intelligence.  To help you make fast business-ready, profit-maximizing decisions, and to boost your business performance, GMD reports classify emerging and shrinking markets, forecast industry, and product development trends assess internal and external risks for various businesses, and identify strategic Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in many industrial sectors.

2. i2i Consulting

Fact-based research and consulting firm, i2iResearch helps companies in realizing their strategic goals by empowering them to make decisions driven by accurate information, intelligence, and insights.

It specializes in providing deep market insights that help their clients in getting an in-depth understanding of how different factors impact their business and the industry that they are in or planning to get into. As a result, we are able to help you always stay ahead of the curve and achieve sustained revenue growth with a healthy bottom line.

3.Gen Consulting Company.

Their services include market research reports, and custom research, and other research offerings. Their research is performed by in-house personnel conducting open-ended discussion-based interviews. Since its inception, Gen Consulting Company has published more than 5,000 market research reports and the number is increasing daily.


1. Research And Market

It connects businesses with the market insights and analysis they need to enable intelligent decision-making. It has grown into the world’s largest market research store with clients all over the world, including 450+ of the Fortune 500 Clients, choosing to buy their research from us.

2. Bharat Book Bureau

We are an India-based global information aggregator. They have been providing our services to a large number of clients across the globe, including those from the corporate, government, academic, and banking sectors. Their products/services include up-to-date forecasts, market research reports, company profiles, online databases, customized research reports, country reports, and newsletters.

3.Market Publisher

It offers an unmatched collection of market research reports, company reviews, databooks, articles, periodical publications, databases, on-line subscriber services, and much more, delivered by the successful and well-established publishers with whom we are currently in partnership.

We are looking for the partners for affiliation in research and marketing business. This requires a particular set of skills. Market research is an organized effort to gather information about target markets and customers. It is a very important component of business strategy and a major factor in maintaining competitiveness. So you can understand the importance of the role of an affiliate partner.

Lets discuss the set of skills earlier we were talking about. An affiliate partner should have independence of decision-making. It is because time is a very crucial phenomenon in the market research. With every passing second the data changes, so does the analysis and the conclusion drawn from it. Hence, we cannot afford to waste time on the corporate process of decision-making.

An affiliate partner should have expertise in the field of digital marketing. Internet and the digitalization are the demand of modern time. To access the genuine and wide customer base we need a partner with strong digital marketing expertise. The world is now becoming a global village. To cater the growing research marketing need of the entrepreneurs and establishment we need top-notch digital marketers with us.

The content writing expertise is also a key factor for the affiliate partner. A lot of data and the analysis and trends drawn form it can go in vain without solid content to explain it. So to polish our statistics inferences a quality content writing team is necessary. So partner who wishes to affiliate with us must employ quality content writing team.

Especially, we need affiliate partner who have the expertise in sales. In research and analysis market a good salesmanship is undeniably vital. The main reason behind that is the nature of the market. Research analysis extracted from the accumulated raw data is very useful, but to the certain people of the industry. So to identify the demand and to fulfil them in customized tailored way we need an affiliate partner with great sales skills and network.

Addition to that if an affiliate partner is a specific industry expert. Then it is will be a plus point in both the side. That expertise and knowledge can be used to make a detailed report for that particular industry. Many internal challenges and drivers of the growth can re-emerge if a partner works with us on a particular field report.

So in a nutshell, we are looking for an affiliate partner with above mentioned skill and who can help us to increase the productivity of Bonafide research. If you are that organization come visit us at our website or email

We are the company with a strong reputation to maintain in the research marketing. For that every day we strive to achieve perfect analysis of a specific market. We have work on more than 3000 reports across various industries. To be always ahead and accurate in the market we need a helping hand in form of a survey partner. To make an in depth research analysis report we need first hand genuine and accurate primary data. A great many things depends on the nature and the method of collection of primary or any other type of data.

Therefore, organizations or individuals who have the grasp on any particular region in India or outside of India can gladly join us for refine data processing. If a survey partner have the application to take surveys then it is plus point which can considered in the positive side of the partner. A survey partner with strengthen resources in foreign countries is preferred with foremost acknowledgment.

The extraction of primary data requires a unique level of proficiency. A direct conversation with people whether it can be face to face or telephonic, the surveyor needs to understand the sensitivity and priority of the questionnaire as well as the survey subjects. This type of skill set can't be taught in school. It requires a more pragmatic approach.

A survey partner with aforementioned qualities and skill set can join us, immediately. With your support and our analytical skills we can build up a high yielding research market for us.

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