Burger king had changed their logo, they have given more emphasis on king size.

The new website proposes complete examples that spell out how to address your kids` technology use from multiple organizations.

Parents can now boost children to spend longer time with apps they approve of by designating them as "always allowed."

Google said it is also working with online firm Headspace to build content that helps families practice mindfulness and wellbeing.

During the address at the Red Fort, while talking about women's health, PM Modi underlined that his government provided affordable sanitary napkins to poor women through Jan Aushadhi centres for just one rupee each. In a short span of time, more than 5 crore sanitary pads have been delivered to these poor women from 6000 Janaushadhi Kendras. The subject of menstruation, a normal biological process that a woman goes through every month, is still a taboo subject in our country. Sanitary napkins are sold in black polythenes and there is next to no discussion regarding the subject in our society.

Amid the usual risks of infection in a healthcare center, what adds to the challenge is the PPE (personal protective equipment) that is mandatory for doctors and nurses who work in COVID-19 wards. Once a health worker dons a PPE, they cannot remove it till the time they are working. This means they have to wear it for prolonged hours. And since they cannot doff it, there is no possibility of going to the toilet, to avoid which, they cannot drink fluids or eat. Doctors usually wear a diaper for passing urine, who has to wear a PPE for eight hours straight on a regular basis. While PPE is a challenge for all health workers, for female professionals, the situation becomes more difficult especially when they menstruate, they need to wear a sanitary pad along with a diaper.

Mr. Muruganantham, the celebrated social entrepreneur from Coimbatore, whose low-cost sanitary pad-making machine brought about a revolution in rural India encouraging women to come out of unhygienic practices over menstruation. Sanitary pads for women should be declared an essential commodity and their production should be allowed as there were an alarming demand and scarcity during the COVID-19 lockdown period. He also urged ensuring the availability of raw material for the manufacture of sanitary pads.

The American company sees big potential in the country’s nascent e-commerce market. Both sides view a troubled grocery store chain as the key to success.

India's agricultural and allied imports during 2019-20 were USD 20.64 billion, and the corresponding figures for 2020-21 are USD 20.67 billion. Despite COVID-19, the balance of trade in agriculture has improved by 42.16% from USD 14.51 billion to USD 20.58 billion. For agriculture products (excluding marine and plantation products), the growth is 28.36% with exports of USD 29.81 billion in 2020-21 as compared to USD 23.23 billion in 2019-20. India has been able to take advantage of the of the increased demand for staples during the COVID-19 period.

Tesla Inc. has been spotted testing its entry-level Model 3 electric sedan on Indian soil for the first time. Caught on camera in Pune, the American electric car maker is expected to enter the Indian market towards the end of this year or in early 2022. Wearing a blue body colour, it was said to be one of the three prototypes brought to India for testing duties. The brand will more likely have its HQ in Mumbai and is expected to commence operations with dealerships in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. It must be noted that Tesla has already registered its local arm Tesla India Motors & Energy Pvt Ltd in India in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Model 3’s world debut back a few years ago came with its speculations over launch in India.

Demand for the confectioner's six-pack chocolate bars, popular among consumers making the gooey treat, is expected to remain robust in 2021 after increasing more than $70 million last year.

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