Date : August 16, 2022
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Increasing sense of care among the European pet owners have been taken as an opportunity by industries to provide best pet care services.

Increasing sense of care among the European pet owners have been taken as an opportunity by industries to provide best pet care services.
Europeans treat pets as their own child, which has developed a sense of caring in them. In return they want the industries to develop extra-ordinary healthcare, accessories and grooming services, so that their pets can live a healthy life. If the industries are successful to fulfill the demand of customers, they may see a rise in the market share in future.

The Europe pet care market is growing continuously as it is one of the second largest continent in the world in terms of pet care market. The need for companionship is driving the pet care market due to which the adoption rate of pets is increasing.Advances in technology are making healthcare, accessories, grooming services and training facilities readily available to the owners. The millennial are likely to use the technology and the applications to keep track of their pets. This allows the proprietors to monitor health, nutritional intake, and playtime. Built-in calendars alert them to routine care provided by pet care service companies. It is highly efficient, proving to be suitable for pets and pet owners. Many innovations have been done till now, that can be controlled remotely via smartphone. These items appeal to affluent owners who spend considerable time away from home and want to ensure that their pets are being adequately fed and stimulated.

Mobile applications like Wag and DogVacay help owners conveniently connect with pet walkers and sitters. Facial recognitions are used to find lost pets. The service industry in pet care market is anticipated to do continuous innovation. Many pet groomers are getting into mobile grooming business as it is highly adapted by the owners. Mobile groomers mainly advertise their services through veterinary offices and local pet shops.Some of the key elements which are expected to bolster the demand for pet accessories in future are rise in number of pet ownership and increasing concern towards health and well-being of animals among the owners. Innovation in pet accessories, availability of wide range of pet toys, rising pet care preferences by pet owners, increasing gross disposable income has increased the spending on pets, rising concerns towards health and fitness of pets are some of the key elements expected to prompt the demand for pet accessories.

Market Insights

According to the report, "Europe Pet Care Market Outlook, 2027," published by Bonafide research, the market had a size of above USD 40 Billion. The European market is available with new trends and drivers which are forcing the industry to do continuous innovation. Increase in the adoption rate is leading the pet care market to grow in each and every segment such as pet food, grooming, accessories and healthcare market. Dogs and cats are the highly adopted pet in the Europe. The major countries which contribute the most in the European pet care market are United Kingdom, France and Italy.The continuous improvement and innovation in quality of the products have increased the demand in the market. The market players like Pedigree and Whiskas, followed by Nestle SA and their brands of Purina Beneful and Purina Fancy Feast/Gourmet, and Vitakraft Werke Wuhrmann & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG and their brand of Vitakraft are the leading brands.

Innovations in the market

The pet care market in Europe has always focused on innovations and improvement of products. Europeans are innovating new products as to stay in the market. The industry has seen a drastic change in the market. From traditionally buying of pet care products to e-commerce, that provides a huge variety for customers from which they can choose the most appropriate product, is bringing an exponential change in the market. Things have changes such that the mobile grooming service is really in the trend. From taking the appointments and waiting in large queues to the services provided at home have saved the important time of customers and is highly efficient. Pet yoga and DOGTV are the latest trends going on in the market. DOGTV helps to overcome stress, boredom, anxiety in dogs.Italian pet owners are price sensitive and purchase economy brands which are good quality for a low price. Premium pet food sales are also rising because of the perception that they are healthier and very high in quality. Mid-priced products are not perceived to offer low prices or high quality.Europeans are embracing the latest innovations in technology related to caring for their pets, including pet cams and automated feeders.
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Increasing sense of care among the European pet owners have been taken as an opportunity by industries to provide best pet care services.

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