Date : February 05, 2020
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Ready to eat Cornflakes and Muesli is added into the breakfast list of Indian consumer.

Ready to eat Cornflakes and Muesli is added into the breakfast list of Indian consumer.

Rapid change in the life style demands healthy meal and ready to eat breakfast is making its way into the Indian consumer's breakfast list.

 A healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast in case of India we have the culture of heaving delicious breakfast. Normally in joint family there is a thinking that the first meal of the day should be heavy and delicious that keeps a person full and keeps his mind fresh. On a traditional basis the morning breakfast differs from one region to another region for example parathas in the north, and Idli or dosa in the south, puri and sabji or sweets in the east and khaman, pohaetc in the west. Indians have alwaysbeen prone towards consuming typical hot-cooked breakfast and thus find it difficult to give into such modern day breakfast options. However the life is getting changed the families are getting small and the peoples are getting busier so the culture of cooking food for hours is getting changed. In order to keep the habit of heaving the healthy first meal of the day consumer are moving towards the packed breakfast meal.

 The breakfast cereal market consists of two types of cereals such as. hot cereals and ready to eat cold cereals. Ready to eat cereals; include corn flakes, choco flakes, wheat flakes and muesli whereas hot cereals are mostly oats, rolled oats, oat bran and porridge. All hot cereals require some amount of preparation before they are consumed. On the other hand, RTE cereals require no preparation time and can be served for consumption directly out of the packaging. With the changing lifestyle that makes it difficult to dedicate more time to cook, consumers largely prefer ready-to-eat cereals and thus the category holdsmajority of market share in the global as well as Indian industry. Globally, there is a trend of positive changes in nutrient composition of RTE cereals by marketers.

According to the report " Indian Breakfast And Cereal( Ready To Eat, Hot Cereals), By Company (Kellogg Co, General Mills, and PepsiCo Quaker etc), (Plain, Flavoured), By Type( Cornflakes, Muesli, Oats) Market Outlook 2027-28" the breakfast and cereal market of India is growing at a very healthy CAGR of around 19% over the last five years.  The ready to eat sector in the Indian market dominates the breakfast and cereal market with its two category namely cornflakes and muesli. At present cornflakes products is the market dominator in RTE sector as well as in the overall market. In the initial period the entry of cornflakes did not work well as an alternative of breakfast because of the lower awareness among the consumers about its benefits unlike the western culture. After years of fight, marketers have finally succeeded in creating awareness about cornflakes as a healthy breakfast option. The cornflakes market has grown with a healthy CAGR of above 15% in the last couple of years. The market was mainly driven by India-centric innovations and single-serve affordable packs that attracted new consumers. Kellogg’s is considered as the most prominent company in cornflakes market with its large number of variants available in the market. There is still handful of players into this segment of the market, apart from some domestic players. Bagrry's has rolled out few variants under 'Cornflakes Plus'.


 The company is aggressively pushing their bran-added cornflakes and also working on wheat-based cereals & whole grain sooji products. Other small brands include Mohun's, Good Earth and Express Foods. Muesli is another part of RTE breakfast section which is smaller in terms of value but the fastest growing products in this sector. Muesli is a cold oatmeal dish based on rolled oats and ingredients like grains, nuts, seeds and fresh or dried fruits. Cornflakes had a good run in India but now people are starting to ditch the cereal for something they perceive as better. Muesli is climbing to the top spot in the family breakfast table. Till now Baggry's and kellogg’s are the prominent player in this market and is expected that more player make their entry in this market with increase in demand of muesli products.Rest of the market is captured by importers who mostly import and sell muesli in India. For both of these products they have two more sub category which is considered as flavoured and non-flavoured which is also called as sugar and no-sugar meal. Flavoured category in both of these sections has the upper hand and generates the highest amount of value in the RTE category.

The hot cereal market that is giving tough competition to the RTE market consists of oats meal this market have grown at a healthier rate historically with nearly a CAGR of around 21%. PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats was the first to enter the country quickly catching on to the euphoria of a new breakfast menu, Marico Saffola, GSK Consumer, Kellogg’s and Britannia launched their own brands of oats.The health driven changes in eating habits has extended the window of opportunity for manufacturers to roll out a variety of oat-based products in the market. Despite the introduction of several oat-based products, oats as a breakfast cereal continues to be the most popular and favored.

Traditionally, oat brands were focused on South India, which accounts for majority of the market but recently began expanding nationally. Oats penetration across India is still very less and focused on certain areas in the South, particularly Chennai and Kochi, which had higher penetration. However, the acceptance of flavoured/masala oats has helped ensure higher penetration in other regions. The major bulk of oats consumption is happening in tier-1 and tier-2 cities because of the increased share of working women, that is pushing them to look for faster and healthier arrangements for breakfast.




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Ready to eat Cornflakes and Muesli is added into the breakfast list of Indian consumer.

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