India Breakfast & Cereal Market Outlook, 2027-28

India Breakfast & Cereal Market Outlook, 2027-28

Bonafide Research 03-11-2022 65 Pages Figures : 12 Tables : 25
Region : Asia-Pacific Country : Guernsey and Alderney Category : Food & Beverages Food

1. Bagrry’s India Limited

2. Future Supply Chain Solutions Limited

3. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited

4. Kellogg’s India Private Limited

5. Marico Limited


The report titled "Indian Breakfast And Cereal (Ready To Eat, Hot Cereals), By Company (Kellogg Co, General Mills, and PepsiCo Quaker etc.), (Plain, Flavoured), By Type ( Cornflakes, Muesli, Oats) Market Outlook 2027-28" give complete analysis of breakfast and cereal market of India. No day starts without breakfast and heaving a healthy and rich with nutrient breakfast makes the day even healthier. The breakfast cereal market consists of two types of cereals viz. hot cereals and ready to eat cold cereals. Ready to eat (RTE) cereals, which are also called as cold cereals; include corn flakes, choco flakes, wheat flakes and muesli whereas hot cereals are mostly oats, rolled oats, oat bran and porridge. All hot cereals require some amount of preparation before they are consumed. On the other hand, RTE cereals require no preparation time and can be served for consumption directly out of the packaging. With the changing lifestyle that makes it difficult to dedicate some time to cook, consumers largely prefer ready-to-eat cereals and thus the category holds majority of market share in the global as well as Indian industry. Globally, there is a trend of positive changes in nutrient composition of RTE cereals by marketers. This report will help to determine the market of different type’s breakfast and cereal its performance over the year, Market trends and challenges also the detailed analysis of top performing companies. Breakfast and cereal market has worldwide presence North America being the biggest market holding the highest share in global market. Asia pacific and the rest of world which includes South America and African countries are considered as the fastest growing nation despite being the smaller market as compare to North America and Europe. Cereals have always held their share of the Indian breakfast platter. The breakfast cereal market of India is growing at almost 19% CAGR in the last five years this is because of the healthy changes that consumers are bringing into their life style. Ready to eat cereals have the highest market value as compare to Hot cereals. There is a steady growth in the number of households adopting new breakfast categories which has increased the penetration of packaged cereals in the country. Children’s are easily adapting to the new morning regime of breakfast cereals. Flavoured and non-flavoured category of meals also plays and important part as when we categorise them on the age basis consumption. In the case of small kids the flavoured meals are mostly preferred so as to provide them with nutritious meal and in the case of adult the penetration of non-flavour meal is increasing. Breakfast as a family meal has by and large ceased to exist in metro India. The single-serve packs priced at Rs 10 in tier-I and tier-II towns have helped recruit new consumers into the nutritious ready-to-eat breakfast cereals market. There is an indication based on the historical acceptance of ready to eat breakfast that its expected growth in coming years is going to be positive. There is a growing acceptance of cereals is the fact that in addition to its primary focus on tier I and tier II towns, manufacturers are now expanding their footprint to tier III cities as well. Households are in a better financial position to spend on packaged goods. The trend is accelerating because of both socio-economic factors and lifestyle reasons. Also the arrivals of organized and modern retail formats are contributing to the growth. As for the price sensitivity factor, Rs 5 and Rs 10 packs will do the trick. These packs will see robust growth and will help in increasing the penetration. Moreover, innovation would continue to play a significant role in growing the market. Major Companies The major companies in the overall market are Kellog's India PVT LTD, Pepsico India Holdings private limited, Bagrrys India lTD, Marico Limited, GlaxoSmithKline consumer limited, Nestle India Limited, Patanjali India Limited, Mohan Meakin Limited, Panjon LTD, Future consumer Enterprise Limited. Considered in this report Geography: India Base Year: FY 2021-22 Estimated Year: FY 2022-23 Forecast Year: FY 2027-28 Key points included in the report • India breakfast cereal market • India ready to eat breakfast cereal market • India hot cereal market • Cornflakes market • Muesli market • Oats market • Top Performing companies Aspects covered in this report • India Breakfast Cereal Market size by value and forecast • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by company • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by region • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by category • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by Plain V/S Flavoured • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by product type • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by tire • India Breakfast Cereal Market share by city • India Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Breakfast Cereal Market size by value by product type and forecast • India Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Breakfast Cereal Market share By Consumer (Adult-Children) • India Hot Breakfast Cereal Market size by value by product type and forecast • India Hot Breakfast Cereal Market By Consumer (Adult/Children) • India Cornflakes Market size by value and forecast • Cornflakes Market Share By Type • Cornflakes Market Share By Company • Cornflakes Market Product Price Variant • India Muesli market outlook by value and forecast • Muesli market Share By Type • Muesli market Share By Company • Muesli market Price Product Variant • India Oats Market by value and forecast • Oats Market Share By Type • Oats Market Share By Company • Oats Market Price Product Variant • India Breakfast Cereal Market Policy & Regulatory Landscape • India Breakfast Cereal Market import and export analysis • India Breakfast Cereal Market Channel Partner Analysis • India Breakfast Cereal Market Dynamics • India Breakfast Cereal Market Trends & Developments • India Breakfast Cereal Market Competitive Landscape • Porter's Five Forces • Company Profiles • Strategic Recommendations Approach of the report The information contained in the report "India Breakfast And Cereal Market Outlook 2027-28" are obtained from complete analysis through secondary and primary research. Secondary research includes the information obtained from third party source, various press releases, government generated reports, data's from government databases, company annual reports and listing down the major companies present into the market. After gathering the data's from secondary sources primary research was conducted by making telephonic interviews to the local players about how the market is functioning at the ground level and verifying the details obtained from secondary sources. After completion of all the research process value data of the market were analysed and forecasted for the future years. Intended audience This report can be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to breakfast and cereal industry, government bodies and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

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