Date : October 02, 2021
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The Global Baby Safety & Convenience Products Market to grow at 7.13%.: Bonafide Research

The Global Baby Safety & Convenience Products Market to grow at 7.13%.: Bonafide Research
The safety & comfort of the baby is something no parents would be willing to compromise on. With the increasing number of infant deaths, the parents are now investing in safety gear that once didn’t have existence. The manufacturers are redefining the possible hazards and creating new market potentials. The recent publication of Bonafide Research- under the title of Global Baby Safety & Convenience Products Market Outlook, 2026, gives a clear market analysis for the industry, inclusive of different product categories and segments.

The rise in nuclear families and the increasing career-oriented focus on young parents are the major push for the baby safety & convenience products market towards a market value of USD 9680.51 Million in 2015. The major products included in the baby safety & convenience market are Baby Car Seat, Baby Strollers & Prams, Baby Cribs & Cots, Baby Carrier, Baby Safety Gate & Bedrails, and Baby Monitor. Keeping a baby safe & comfortable is nothing less than a tedious task, which has been made easier with the extensive use of these products. The market is expected to be growing with an anticipated CAGR of 7.13%, through the forecasted period.

Each year, thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes, which could have been avoided with the use of a proper restrain system. The car seat segment held nearly 50% of the market in the year 2015. Rising urbanization is equally important in driving the baby car seat market growth, globally. By product type, it is dominated by infant baby seats which accounted for a share of more than 30% since the year 2015. The audio-only monitors are the oldest form of baby monitors, which have a simple operation. The base is to be placed with the baby, while the parents can take the receiver with them as long as they are in the range of the base. Historically, the baby monitor has been the fastest-growing segment which grew at 4.60% CAGR. Baby safety & convenience products come in handy to the new parents in a nuclear family structure to keep an eye on their baby safe while they are indulged in work.

In developing countries especially the demand for baby cribs & cots have inclined considerably, with the increase in disposable income and are considered to be multipurpose. Yet, this segment held to less than 12% of the baby safety & convenience market share Also, the manufacturers are focusing on adding several functionality and features in baby cribs and cots such as wheels for mobility, side rails that prevent the baby from falling over, extended sleeping area, and various others. The increase in fatal injuries among babies and toddlers due to falling from stairs or beds is tempting the parents to adopt baby safety devices. Various governments have stated various regulations in regards to the installation of the safety gates.

The parents have preferred the specialty stores for the purchase of baby safety & convenience products, holding to less than half 45% of the market. Enhanced digitalization and the increasing popularity of e-commerce, especially among millennials, are driving the online market. The online distribution channel is expected to expand at the fastest CAGR of 8.89%. The market drivers, trends, and challenges for baby safety & convenience products in western countries are very different than in the west. However, there are also some common trends that have been observed to be consistent across regions. Even though the income levels in emerging economies in the Asia Pacific, and Latin America are expected to grow steadily, the usage of such baby safety & convenience products are expected to have faster penetration, in a short time span.

The market is considered as non-essential in many of the developing and under-developing nations, and thus the global market is driven by the regions of North America and Europe. This is mainly because of their higher spending capacity. Increasing birth rates across Asia majorly in India, China, and Bangladesh is to drive the demand for baby safety & convenience. As the number of working women increased, the need for carrying their babies to different places at a greater convenience has also increased. This has widened the scope for baby strollers, majorly in Asian countries. The future market growth of such products can also be attributed to a high preference in the developed economies. It is very quick to purchase through online portals which have been a major attraction for young parents in recent times. But due to the fact extremely high costs and the dearth of FDA-approved advanced baby monitors are likely to restrain the growth over the coming years.
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The Global Baby Safety & Convenience Products Market to grow at 7.13%.: Bonafide Research

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