Date : June 07, 2020
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The well being of new family member is now a huge potential market - Bonafide Research

The well being of new family member is now a huge potential market - Bonafide Research
Considering pets as a family member, ensuring their well-being by providing them with the best facilities have been at the top priority list of pet owners. It is a well-known fact that the pet foods segment is the driving force in pet care products. Keeping aside the facts, the market is gradually making a way for the pet service related products. A change in the consumers' behaviors has been observed as they have started accepting pets as a family member. This lets them provide all the facilities to the pets to ensure their better well-being. The pet service segment comprises of three main pet categories such as pet healthcare, pet accessories, and pet grooming. With time, increasing pet adaption & an increase in consumers spending these pet services have been gaining much importance. Growing need to control zoonotic diseases spread and advances in drug development for effective animal health will drive global animal healthcare, demand for accessories such as feeding, bedding, toys, leashes, etc. for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, and reptiles have increased. Moreover, to groom the pets and easier facilities to maintain the looks of the pets have posed pet grooming products as a new trend.

According to the report “Global Pet Service Market By Value, By Segment (Pet Healthcare, Pet Accessories, Pet Grooming), By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle-East & Africa), (Trends & Forecast), Outlook, 2025” published by Bonafide Research the demand for pet service products has constantly been on a rise which is dominated by higher adaption of pet health care services. The segment has grown with a CAGR of 3% till 2019. Consumers spending on pet health care have increased due to advancement in pet veterinary, developing awareness among pet owners regarding the prevention of pet diseases have increase drug consumption, etc. In recent years, the healthcare sector has gained a lot of success with the growing trend of online veterinary services, pet insurance, etc. Pet industries have been overreaching their focus on the health and wellness sector by making the operations available online. The access to pet health information online has been much easier with the cloud-based technologies connecting pet owners with veterinarians with the help of various platforms.

Pet grooming has been observed as a trend in the pet service segment to give special attention to their pets, pet owners are spending a huge amount of money for their grooming buying products such as shampoos, conditioners, playtime bath bombs, etc. Adaption of such services has given a boost in its growth, which will continue to be in the long run. Due to such craze, the market is expected to pose a growth of above 6% CAGR till the year 2025. The advancement of mobile pet grooming can be considered as the major driver in the pet grooming segment. The main advantage of mobile pet grooming is that it is a complete opposite of a brick and mortar store; facilities are provided right at the doorstep of the clients. The business owner does not have to pay rents for property or taxes and can work for flexible hours. It is potentially a better option as the pets tend to be stressed out while traveling and may get anxious in the presence of other pets.

Increasing advancement and internet retailing have allowed the modern pet owners to be benefitted immensely. People have adapted the online way of purchasing the pet products this has given a massive growth to internet retailing. A wide range of product is now being available at a good price online ranging from accessories, toys and premium products. This has let retailers and manufacturers give more attention to e-commerce to increase their sales. The pet owners enjoy the leisure of getting discounts and offers from online retailing stores and mobile stores.

This advancement in technology helps the pet owner to be connected with their pets digitally. All pet owners want their pets to live a healthy and happy life. The innovative smart range of devices offered by the companies led to achieving the goal of the well-being of pets with a lot of easiness. The digitization in the pet products has allowed pet parents to turn towards technology and enhance the bond with their pets. There has been advancement in technologies such as microchip controlled pet doors, automated litter boxes, feeders, waterers, etc. This will allow the segment to be well poised to achieve faster growth in the coming years with an increase in adoptions.
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The well being of new family member is now a huge potential market - Bonafide Research

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