India Extruded Snacks and Chips Market Outlook, 2023

India Extruded Snacks and Chips Market Outlook, 2023

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Region : Asia-Pacific Country : India Category : Food & Beverages Food

1. Balaji Wafers Private Limited

2. Bikaji Foods International Limited

3. Bikanervala Foods Private Limited

4. DFM Foods Limited

5. Haldiram Foods International Private Limited


The report titled "India Extruded Snacks and Chips Market Outlook, 2023" provides deep analysis of the India extruded snacks and chips market with size in terms of both value and volume of extruded snacks and chips market and also provides market share of different segments. The report formed by segregating data from various sources and various time frames. It consists of various historic data and based on current situation of market and key factors provide forecast based on best suitable method. This could defiantly be helpful in identifying the market segments which are driving growth. The report consist profiles of leading companies and provide market share of their brands which would be helpful in examining market competition as well.
"India Extruded Snacks and Chips Market Outlook, 2023"
Both Extruded snacks and Chips market has shown CAGR of more than 9% in Forecasted period. Increasing consumer's awareness towards healthy and packaged snacks has created a huge demand of Extruded Snacks and Chips in last five years. The market is so diverse that it can be classified based on the product base as well. For example; potato, rice, corn, cereals & pulses, gram flour, nuts and seeds based and the flavour/taste based such as salty, tangy, spicy, onion, garlic or cheese. With the entry of global and regional players that have capacity for R&D and capital to spend on understanding consumers, they can come up with new segments to satisfy the tastes and preferences of Indian consumers. As Indians are known for their affection towards local culinary taste and flavours, these players come up with a third type of savoury called “bridge snacks” meaning taste and flavour is local but the product format adopted is western. With higher purchasing power resulted due to the high economic development of India has resulted in changing preference of Indian consumers. The consumers are observed to be preferable from traditional snacks to western snacks of regional, national brands. PepsiCo, ITC, Parle, Prataap Snacks, Balaji Wafers, Haldiram are some leading existing palyers in Extruded and Chips Snacks Market.
Major Companies Brands
Major brands that operate into Indian Namkeen market are PepsiCo, Haldiram, Bikaji, Bikanervala, DFM Foods, Laxmi Snacks, Balaji Wafers, prataap snacks etc.
Considered for the Report:
Geography: India
Base Year: FY 2017-18
Estimated Year: FY 2018-19
Forecast Year: FY 2022-23

Objective of the study:
• To analyse and forecast the India Extruded snacks market size, in terms of value and volume.
• To analyse and forecast the India Chips market size, in terms of volume.
• To define, classify and forecast Extruded Snacks market on the basis of types like Multigrain Extruded Snacks, Potato Extruded snacks, Rice Extruded Snacks, Corn Extruded Snacks, and others Extruded Snacks etc.
• To define, classify and forecast Chips market on the basis of types like Potato Chips, Banana Chips, Tortilla Chips, multigrain Chips and others etc.
• To strategically profile leading players, which are operating in the Extruded Snacks and Chips industry of Indian Snacks Market.

Approach for the Report:
Bonafide Research performed primary as well as secondary research for this study. Initially, a list of manufacturers and suppliers operating in the extruded snacks and chips market of India were sourced through secondary sources. With the identified companies and consumers, primary research was carried out which included conducting online surveys, competitor analysis and exhaustive personal interviews - both face to face as well as telephonic basis, to extract maximum information from participants like industry executives/ distributors or consumers. Primary research gave us an idea of company revenues, export, pricing, geographical presence, channel partner model, USP etc. and also helped us to identify various small players who otherwise have less presence on the web.
Bonafide Research seeks secondary data from third-party sources such as published articles, company websites, magazine articles, associations, trade journals, annual reports, government official websites and other paid database sources. In addition, data is also mined from a host of reports in our repository, as well as a number of paid databases of Indian government. Using both primary and secondary information, Bonafide Research calculated the market size through a bottom-up approach, where manufacturers’ value sales data for different types of extruded Snacks and Chips were recorded and subsequently forecasted for the future years.
Scope of the Report:
“India Extruded Snacks and Chips Market outlook, 2023” discusses the following aspects of Namkeen market in India:
• Indian Snacks Market Outlook by Value by Volume & Forecast
• Indian Organised and Unorganised Market Outlook by Value by Volume & Forecast
• Indian Extruded Snacks and Chips Market Size by Value, Volume & Forecast
• 5 types of Extruded Snacks and Chips Category market Size by value, by volume, and forecast
• India Extruded snacks and Chips market Company share by Value.
Intended Audience:
This report can be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to Extruded Snacks and Chips industry, government bodies and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.
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