Date : May 05, 2020
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The burgeoning Indian startups will lead the pet food and accessories market to a new blooming level: Bonafide Research.

The burgeoning Indian startups will lead the pet food and accessories market to a new blooming level: Bonafide Research.

Indian startups have always felt the empathy of the potholes in pet food and accessories industry. This will give a new direction to the existing companies to develop their products.

Probably, pet are the loveliest creatures ever made by god. A prover seems to be true- “Owning a pet equals the world”. And yes, this feeling can only be understood if you are fortunate enough to be a pet parent. So, for what we are waiting? From the loneliest difficult times to the most memorable moments, our companion always cherishes us with its wiggly furry gestures. That’s why many people outside India tend to adopt pets instead of raising a kid!! But the scenario in India is different. In India, pets were owned as a status symbol by the kings and luxury men but the modern India changed its perspective on Pet raising. Pets are largely owned by the people who feel lonely in their homes or who lack behind the entertainment, affection and love. Probably, senior citizens of India have also started adopting pets as their children started living abroad or they tend to leave their parents and leave in a nuclear family.

The major pets adopted in India are the dogs as they are friendly and faithful enough. But the girls choose to adopt cats because pussy cats always amuse them. Still, al larger proportion of Indians adopt other pets such as birds, fishes, tortoise and turtles. Whether the pet may be dog, cat, or any other, the Indian market will show growth in pet care products such as pet foods and pet accessories. Whilst pet foods have became a necessity as they are available in different forms, flavours and cuisines, pet accessories have also gained a consistent growth in Indian market. According to a survey, pet accessories are the most demanded products,So much of love for the pubs!! 

According to the report entitled “India Pet Food and Accessories Market, by pet type (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Birds and others), by Pet adoption type (Dog, cat & others), by company (Mars international, Royal Canin India, etc.), by Sales Channel (Specialized stores, Multi brand retails & Online retails), by Pet food type (Dry food & Wet food), by Pet Accessories type (Toys, Harness, Collar, Leashes Chains & Muzzles, Beds, house, Crates & Cages, Bowls, Feeders, Training Tray & Pads, Litter, Others (Waste Management, Car Travel Accessories, Pet tag, bath Accessories)), Market Overview, 2027-2028”, published by Bonafide Research, Indian pet food market is expected to grow in future at a market value of INR 4,146 crore by the year 2027-28 registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 17%. On the other hand, India is expected to account a market share of more than 9% in the pet accessories segment.

 According to Vedant Pandya, Research Analyst at Bonafide Research, “India is a country with unity in diversity and pets are also an important part of the demographics. The global trends have always led the Indian to buy new products and accept the global changes. In the same way, people are attracting towards the pet adoption and pet food & accessories being the necessity, market will see a fruitful growth in future. Moreover, many startups are launched which makes pet foods and accessories which have became a center of attraction in India.”

Startups have always changed the stream of the markets by introducing new products which are beneficial for the pets. Startup such as Doggie’s Dabba is a Delhi-based company which makes delicious pet food as per the requirement. The company EDEM.3DEM, founded by Sai Sandesh Makam is a pet service company which makes 3D model and printing services for the pets. The company makes Key chains, Magnets, belts and their most favorite product- pet tags!! The company offers customized dog tags with the doggie or the hooman’s name on it and yes, they are ‘Pawfect’ choice for your pets. The Heads up for Tails designs the pet accessories based on the liking or disliking of the pet. Their product list consists of the complete range of products such as fashionable dog collars, tags, beds, Leashes and muzzles, chains, dog belts, etc. The company also offers home delivery so that the dog parents won’t have to come to shop for their wards!! In the same way, many other indigenous companies are offering the pet foods and accessories for the Indian pets. These startups have coerced the existing companies to develop new products in order to face the market competition. Whether the market experiences competition or not, one thing is for sure that pet parents can rely on such products to give utmost comfort to their doggos and other pets!

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The burgeoning Indian startups will lead the pet food and accessories market to a new blooming level: Bonafide Research.

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