India Air Purifier Market Overview, 2022-28

India Air Purifier Market Size, Share, Trend & Market Analysis By Type, By Distribution Channel, By End User, Competition Forecast & Opportunities.

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  • 1. Crusaders Technologies India Private Limited
  • 2. Daikin Airconditioning India Private Limited
  • 3. Eureka Forbes Limited
  • 4. Panasonic India Private Limited
  • 5. Sharp Appliances Limited
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This report gives an in-depth analysis of air purifiers in India. Air purifiers have the ability to trap hazardous pollutants including Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter, Ozone, Carbon dioxide, Chlorofluorocarbons and unburned Hydrocarbon, which can cause several respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and infections such as influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer. Rapid urbanization, burning of fossil fuels and increasing industrialization have intensified air pollution, which is stimulating the demand for air purifiers in India. In addition, rising income with changing lifestyle and declining prices of air purifiers have further fueled the growth of the market. India air purifier market is mainly an import driven market with both domestic and international players importing their products in the country. In 2021, northern region has dominated the air purifier market due to high pollution levels in Delhi-NCR region, followed by western region and southern region. During the forecast period, southern region would capture second position on account of increasing pollution levels in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. According to the report, “India Air Purifier Market Overview, 2022-28” published by Bonafide Research, the market is anticipated to grow with more than 20% CAGR during the forecast period. 10 cities in India have topped itself as the most polluted cities in the world. Topping the chart is Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, where the air is not worth inhaling and it is an invitation to various health issues. In India, only Coimbatore has come out as an exception where fresh air can be inhaled with freedom. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, air purifiers have actually become a must if one wants to get rid of the unhealthy environment. The increasing usage of air purifiers in the residential sector and the awareness about the rising pollution among the people is leading to a high demand of air purifiers in metro and urban cities.

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Air filters used in the purifiers are one of the most important components of the product. HEPA filter dominates the air purifier market in terms of technology. Research and innovation has a great effect on the demand and the upcoming new technologies in the air purifiers market are major growth drivers for the industry. Cost effective technologies which aims to reduce the cost of the product are making it possible for the larger part of the society to afford the product. It is eventually aiding the air purifier market to get the requisite importance. There are several companies competing in the air purifiers market in India even though the market is still in the nascent stages. Eureka Forbes holds the maximum market share in terms of revenue generated which is closely followed by Panasonic and Sharp. Apart from these major companies, there are several other companies competing in the market such as LG, Philips, Daikin and Kent which contribute minimally to the market. “India Air Purifier Market Overview, 2022-28” discusses the following aspects of air purifiers in India: How it will help solving your strategic decision making process?? The report gives an in-depth understanding of air purifier market in India: - India Air Purifier Market Outlook - India Air Purifier Market Size By Value & Forecast - India Air Purifier Market Size By Volume & Forecast - India Air Purifier Market Segmental Analysis: By Company, By Region, By City, By Technology, By End User, By Distribution Channel - Pricing Analysis - Pollution Index of Top 10 Cities of India - India Air Purifier Filter Market Snapshot - The key vendors in this market space This report can be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry. Report Methodology

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Arun Kalwani

Arun Kalwani

Research Analyst

The information contained in this report is based upon both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with various channel partners of air purifiers in India. Secondary research included an exhaustive search of relevant publications like company annual reports, financial reports and proprietary databases.

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Arun Kalwani

Companies Mentioned

  • Crusaders Technologies India Private Limited
  • Daikin Airconditioning India Private Limited
  • Eureka Forbes Limited
  • Panasonic India Private Limited
  • Sharp Appliances Limited

Table of Contents

  • Table of Content
  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Market Structure
  • 2.1. Market Considerate
  • 2.2. Assumptions
  • 2.3. Limitations
  • 2.4. Abbreviations
  • 2.5. Sources
  • 2.6. Definitions
  • 2.7. India Macro Economic Indicators
  • 2.8. Demographics Insight
  • 3. Research Methodology
  • 3.1. Secondary Research
  • 3.2. Primary Data Collection
  • 3.3. Market Formation & Validation
  • 3.4. Report Writing, Quality Check & Delivery
  • 4. India Air Purifier Market Outlook
  • 4.1. Market Size
  • 4.1.1. By Value
  • 4.1.2. By Volume
  • 4.2. Market Share
  • 4.2.1. By Company
  • 4.2.2. By End User
  • 4.2.3. By Technology
  • 4.2.4. By Region
  • 4.2.5. By City
  • 4.2.6. By Distribution Channel
  • 4.2.7. By Coverage Area
  • 4.3. Pollution Index of the Top 10 Cities of India
  • 4.4. India Air Purifier Filter Market Snapshot
  • 5. Company Profile
  • 5.1. Eureka Forbes Limited
  • 5.1.1. Company Snapshot
  • 5.1.2. Company Overview
  • 5.1.3. Financial Highlights
  • 5.1.4. Geographic Insights
  • 5.1.5. Business Segment & Performance
  • 5.1.6. Product Portfolio
  • 5.1.7. Key Executives
  • 5.1.8. Strategic Moves & Developments
  • 5.2. Daikin Air-conditioning India Private Limited
  • 5.3. Panasonic India Private Limited
  • 5.4. Sharp India Limited
  • 5.5. Crusaders Technologies India Private Limited
  • 6. Disclaimer

List of Table

Table 1: India Tier-wise Classification Of Cities
Table 2: India Region-wise Classification Of Cities
Table 3: India Air Purifier Market Share By Company (2021)
Table 4: India Air Purifier Market Share By End User (2016-17, 2021-22, 2027-28F)
Table 5: India Air Purifier Market Share By Technology (2016-17, 2021-22, 2027-28F)
Table 6: India Air Purifier Market Share By Region (2016-17, 2021-22, 2027-28F)
Table 7: India Air Purifier Market Share By City (2016-17, 2021-22, 2027-28F)
Table 8: India Air Purifier Market Share By Distribution Channel (2016-17, 2021-22, 2027-28F)
Table 9: India Air Purifier Market Share By Technology (2016-17, 2021-22, 2027-28F)

List of Figures

Figure 1: India Population 2017-2021(In Crore)
Figure 2: India Population Age Structure (EST. 2019)
Figure 3: India Urban VS Rural (Crore)
Figure 4: India Air Purifier Market Size By Value 2016-17 to 2027-28F (in INR Crore)
Figure 5: India Air Purifier Market Size By Volume (in Thousand Units) 2016-17 to 2027-28F (in INR Crore)
Figure 6: Pollution Index of top 10 cities of India 2021-22

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India Air Purifier Market Overview, 2022-28

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