Date : July 30, 2022
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With major concern for healthy lifestyle and concern for environment, pest control market has led to huge growth and expected to grow rapidly by the upcoming future.

With major concern for healthy lifestyle and concern for environment, pest control market has led to huge growth and expected to grow rapidly by the upcoming future.
Since there has always been a need to maintain crops free of pests, pest control is at least as ancient as agriculture. Cats have been employed to keep rodent pests out of grain bins since 3000 BC in Egypt. By 1500 BC, ferrets had been tamed in Europe and were being used as mincers. Most likely by the ancient Egyptians, mongooses were brought into households to manage vermin and snakes. Since it is very simple to kill larger competing animals and eradicate weeds by burning them or plough them under, the usual method was presumably used initially. Crop rotation, companion planting, intercropping, and the selective breeding of pest-resistant cultivars are a few methods with a lengthy history. A species that is considered a pest is one from the animal world that negatively affects human activities. Pest control is the regulation or management of that species.

The appropriate human response will vary depending on the severity of the harm caused and may include tolerance, deterrent, control, or even attempts to remove the pest entirely. As a part of an integrated pest management approach, pest control procedures may be used. Global pest control Market research is conducted based on product type, pest type, application, and geographic location. The market is divided into chemical, mechanical, biological, and other types by type. Pests are divided into insect, termite, rodent, and other categories based on their kind. It is classified into commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial, and other applications. It is examined in terms of regions, including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, South America, and MEA.
However, a key factor limiting the market's growth is the toxicity and health-related problems caused by chemicals included in pesticides. On the other hand, current R&D initiatives to enhance reliance on bio-based insecticides are anticipated to provide profitable development opportunities. The expansion of urbanization in developing markets and the establishment of megacities, which house over 15-20 million people, are responsible for the surge in popularity of pest control solutions. Due to their high population densities and sizable middle-class populations that are embracing pest management services in the area, countries like China and India are among the primary markets targeted by pest control service providers and pesticide suppliers.

According to the report title “Global Pest Control Market Outlook, 2027” published by Bonafide Research, the market is projected to grow with more than 5% CAGR for 2022-2027. With the growth in population, the rapid urbanisation, and the modifications in weather patterns, the problem of insect infestation has gotten worse. Global demand for pest management goods and services has risen as a result of this. Growing consumer awareness of cleanliness and health problems has raised demand for pest management in the residential sectors. Additionally, the need for pest management in these industries has expanded internationally because to the rising government restrictions on cleanliness requirements in the commercial and industrial sectors. Pest control product manufacturers and service providers have created several cutting-edge pest management solutions to meet the growing need for pest control in a variety of industries. Environmentally friendly items are being introduced by businesses due to the growing restriction on certain pesticides. Additionally, a lot of animal welfare organisations are pushing for pest control solutions that are non-lethal or cruelty-free. As a result, companies are concentrating on producing cruelty-free pest management solutions.

The pest control sector in Europe is expected to investigate new development potential in crop protection application as it enters a phase of growth and expansion in its life cycle. The key driver propelling the expansion of the pest control market in Europe is the rise in agricultural production and the demand for pesticides for crop protection. In addition, climate change, which is affecting the entire world, including Europe, is a major driver in the rise in demand for pest management goods and services since it contributes to temperature increases, which are ideal for an increase in insect populations. The market's expansion, however, was significantly constrained by the toxicity of pesticides and their detrimental impact on both human and animal health. Due to the related negative health impacts of pesticides, consumers in the agricultural and food industries want to adopt pesticides with low harmful levels. Small-scale service providers that operate on a tight budget are becoming more prevalent in Europe. One of the market trends for pest control that has been seen in the last 12 months is this. The greatest area in Europe is called Western Europe, and the key economies there are Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. Additionally, it is anticipated that improper sanitary practises and ineffective public health hygiene implementation methods would result in health risks in the residential sector. The residential market is largely experiencing an increase in demand for pest control services to eliminate termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and cockroaches.

Further, in North America, growing cases of disease outbreaks, scientific developments in pesticide formulations, an increase in commercial and residential construction, and a general intolerance for pests are all contributing to an increase in public health activities. Countries covered in North America pest control market are Germany, Spain, Russia, France and UK. Some of the applications which are expected increase its market size are Institutes, storage facilities and public transport. They are expected to have market value of 5.50% by the end of the forecasted period.
One of the pest control industries' fastest-growing areas is the Asia Pacific. The increased urbanisation and population concentration in the area creates a significant business potential for providers of pest control facilities. Numerous outbreaks have been caused by the effects of climate change and, in certain cases, disregard of sanitary conditions in urban slums. The Asia Pacific region's pest control service companies have profited from changes in law and regulations governing pest management standards. Prominent Chinese pest control enterprises are pursuing development strategies to expand the sales of organic pest control products in this region. For instance, a strategic partnership between Beijing Taming Technology Ltd. and renowned pest control company Rentokil Initial plc. It has multiple fumigation patents and is a well-known provider of pest control services in China. Over the past 20 years, the area has also been vulnerable to several outbreaks of diseases brought on by pests. There have been a significant number of cases in the area due to the Zika virus. Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia are among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region where the Zika virus, a flavivirus spread by mosquitoes, has been found.

In South America, the growth is driven by demand from agriculture nations. Furthermore, climate change across the globe is also an important factor in the rise in prices for pest control products and services because climate change attributes an increases in temperature, whereas elevated temperature is an optimal situations for an increases in the pest populations. However, rising concerns about pesticides toxicity concentrations and the resulting health problems that occur owing to overuse to toxic pesticides hamper the development of the pest control market to some extent. In South America region there are many countries which have pest control market. Brazil is the dominating and leading country in South America. The market is mostly engaged with huge distribution of pesticides and other methods to control pest. South America has commercial and it has the majority of share with huge growth, but in the forecasted period, it is also expected to dominate by other applications like institutes and storage facilities and public transport.

Middle-East and Africa has three countries which is covered and they are UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. This are the major countries which have been focused. South Africa is the leading and dominating country for this region. By applications where pest control is used are commercial, residential, agriculture, industrial and other applications. Among these, commercial has majority is the share in 2021, but in the forecasted period, it is expected to have maximum growth for other applications. By pest type, MEA has majority share for Insects and have experienced tremendous growth. By the end of the forecasted period, rodent pest is expected to have huge growth with high CAGR in the future. Pest control methods which has most propelled in this region is chemical method but by the end of the forecasted period, biological method is expected to have growth with high CAGR value. Some of the major key factors which has led to increase in growth for market share and size. The main drivers of the missile-east and Africa pest control market are the prevalence of the high global temperature and a rise in the economic activity. The middle-east region is the one of the most economically active region in the world, whereas Africa has the highest mean temperature across the year. The elevated temperature lead to pests, especially insects thriving in abundance in the region. This creates a high demand for efficient and cost-effective pest control in the region.
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With major concern for healthy lifestyle and concern for environment, pest control market has led to huge growth and expected to grow rapidly by the upcoming future.

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