Date : March 29, 2021
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Due to Ease of Preparation and taste the RTC market has shown a steep rise in RTC market growth. – Bonafide Research

Due to Ease of Preparation and taste the RTC market has shown a steep rise in RTC market growth. – Bonafide Research

Due to the consumer expansion segment in urbanization and hike in disposable income has surged the market share for the Ready-To-Cook India market. Consumption of Ready-To-Cook food has changed the food intake habits of consumers and the increasing market awareness about the products has shown upward thrust in the market growth.
The consumer preference in Veg and Non-veg and local taste has increased the varieties in the RTC market in India. Although the concept of RTC is a western concept adopted from foreign countries but the demand for RTC now in India has shown growth robustly. Gigantic players like Nestle India, Hindustan Unilever, ITC ltd, Kohinoor Foods Pvt Ltd, Priya Foods, MTR, GITS, etc are the key players of the RTC market.

According to a recently published report from Bonafide research Ready-To-Cook market of India has shown a steep increase in market growth because of its Ease of preparation and taste factor in their regional taste manufactured by well-known FMCG companies. The ready-To-Cook market includes Instant Noodles, Pasta, soup, and a Ready-To-Mix market (Snacks mix, Curry mix, Dessert mix, and Others-meals and rice mix). Among all the four categories Instant noodles have immense potential for future expansion due to their easy affordability by the common man in rural as well as urban areas.

India's instant noodles-pasta-soup market has finite players with different flavours in the veg and non-veg category. Instant noodles have shown a good amount of memories with their recipes by going with the trend “Apni Maggie”. Though Maggie dominates the market but Yippie from Tobacco giant ITC has shown an immense growth rate in the instant noodles market followed by Chings from Capital foods, Wai Wai from CG groups, etc. The flexible packaging styles in packet or cup form have always attracted consumers. Instant soup has gained the title of quality and healthy breakfast. Many regional players have even entered into the market of soup in India to provide local taste and all over India. Instant Pasta was first to come by Maggie Pazzta in many flavors like sweetcorn, masala flavor, cheese macaroni, etc. The ready-to-cook pasta market in India is at the kind of stage that the instant noodles market was years ago. The pasta market is a growing one with a handful of organized players. Manufacturers are reaping heavy returns from sales of pasta brands as Indian customers increasingly add this to their portfolio of snacks they consume at home.

Ready-To-Mix includes four segments mainly Snacks mix, Curry & Dal mix, Sweet mix, and others(Meals & rice). Snacks mix consist of Poha, Upma, Idli dosa Batter, Chapatti, Pongal, dhokla mix, etc. Curry mix includes shahi paneer mix, Paneer tikka mix, Mutton curry, Dal makhani Dal tadka, sambar mix, Aloo mutter, etc. The dessert mix includes Kesari halwa,moong dalhalwa, Gulab jamun mix, paysum, Kheer mix, etc. Others category includes Meals, combos, rice mix means lemon rice, Chinese fried rice, Kadhi chawal, Sambar rice, Punjabi khichdi, etc. Companies like MTR have started their journey from the south Indian breakfast mix now they have widened their portfolio so far that the products are manufactured on a regional basis like MTR poha for the western region, MTR Paneer tikka from the Northern region. In a way, many leading players of RTM have attracted the market from a region and customer point of view and from a price point of view too. 


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Due to Ease of Preparation and taste the RTC market has shown a steep rise in RTC market growth. – Bonafide Research

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