Date : July 07, 2020
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Latest technology, stylish looks and compact build is all that meet the cooling needs - Bonafide Research

Latest technology, stylish looks and compact build is all that meet the cooling needs - Bonafide Research

Changing preferences of consumer durable products, rising disposable income, and expanding the air cooler industry have opened new avenues for the growth of the air cooler market in India. Evaporative air coolers are one of the best cooling solutions for places like India that face dry summers. The technological up-gradation made it possible to build air coolers that can cool the air even in humid places. The preference of this cooling appliance has increased, as it is economical to the wallet, low operational cost, environment-friendly approach, and long-lasting performance. Working on the evaporating technique to produce the cool air, the Indian air cooler market has been going through a paradigm shift in terms of looks and specifications. People are looking for air coolers that are high on technical specifications like remote-controlled coolers, inverter compatible, empty tank alarm coolers, auto refill system, etc.

According to the report “India Evaporative Air Cooler Market Outlook, 2027-28” published by Bonafide Research, segmented in two categories, residential evaporative air cooler and industrial evaporative air cooler market, the overall evaporative air cooler market in India is expected to grow with a CAGR of above 12% till the year 2027-28. The unorganized sector has dominated the overall cooler market, but now with the development of organized sector it has been started dominating the market. The unorganized air cooler is very cheap compare to a branded one and is efficient to fulfil cooling needs, which attracts the major segment in rural and semi-urban areas. On the other hand, organized sector is growing fast every year as branded air cooler makers are offering latest technologies which include IoT (Internet of Things), touch digital control panel, multistage air purification, high-efficiency cooling pads, intelligent remote, anti-bacterial tank in several sub-categories such as personal, window, tower, and desert air coolers.

With all these new features and technologies, organized players are capturing consumer’s trust toward the branded air cooler. While the unorganized market in air coolers is as big as the organized market, the rural market is slowly graduating towards the purchase of branded air coolers. With high popularity and variants, residential evaporative air coolers are expected to keep their market share high. Amongst all the variants, the desert air cooler is a powerful one and suitable for big size room. With the latest technology and stylish looks, tower coolers have big tank capacity and need less space for installation. 

Companies have started providing remote controllers with selected air cooler models making it easier for the user to take control. Symphony has tried elevating the levels of technology in their products by being the first to introduce digital display, voice assist, and mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent seems like a necessity invention to prevent the growth of mosquito larvae in the water tank of the air cooler hence not allowing the air coolers to become the breeding grounds for them. 
The Internet of Things (IoT) product is that users can operate most of its features through a smartphone app. The IoT-enabled air cooler can be controlled through the mobile app, IR remote and digital control panel. It comes with ‘Wi-Fi and Internet-enabled’ operation with the mobile app and it has an intelligent sensor that can easily read the temperature and humidity of the room. This air cooler gives a warning when the water level is low. IoT-enabled air cooler gives all the unique features and functions at the fingertips making the cooling experience smart and convenient.




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Latest technology, stylish looks and compact build is all that meet the cooling needs - Bonafide Research

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