Date : April 29, 2020
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Carrying babies with ease and equipping them with the mobility travel equipment’s have been a trend setter among Indian parents.

Carrying babies with ease and equipping them with the mobility travel equipment’s have been a trend setter among Indian parents.

Baby walker and stroller is the two most preferred consumer products where one have be in the parents list and other is making its way into the list. 

Indian baby gear products have been increasing at a rapid pace with constantly increasing consumer’s adaption. This is due to the continuous innovation as well as the growing parent’s awareness of providing comfortable products to their infants. The high-tech gear equipment allows carrying an infant or toddler with ease. In recent years, the gear equipment has undergone a number of changes in order to help keep babies safe and secure. As parental needs continue to evolve, brands have sought to make gear equipment that is more rugged and more portable. Most modern parents consider a baby Mobility equipment one of the most important items to have when their family grows. After all, it makes it easy for them to move babies around. With these efficient products, they don’t have to carry a baby all the time. Advanced baby strollers and transport systems are continuously being improved to provide parents and children with better and more useful features.  

As per the report “India Baby Mobility Equipment Market, Overview, 2022-2027” published by Bonafide Research. walker and stroller combine comprises of the major chunk in the overall market. A sense of direction is absent in small babies when they start walking which could pose a danger to the babies. This has been the major reason for the dominance of walker products in the market. Walker used to the most preferred product among the consumers also highly penetrated one which ranges within the value of INR 2000/item. On the other hand Strollers & pram, products have shown promising growth in the Indian market with the increasing mall culture, taking babies to walk as well as for shopping. This has set the trend over traditionally picking up babies in arms and does all these tasks. Owing to all these advantages the stroller market is well expected to grow over 18% CAGR in value in the coming years. This product generally ranges near to INR 6000/item at present which is expected to get cheaper with the increasing adaption among the consumers. 

Products with its feature posing impact in the market Walkers come with the feature like adjustable height, soft cushion, full interactive musical walker to entertain the child and encourage them to take their first steps. In the case of the stroller, they are used to carry 3-4 years of babies to travel them around, have long usage life as compared to other mobility equipment. Moreover, it's easier to carry other things like water, baby food, and nappies in a pram. Products with lightweight features and the added feature of stroller plus car seat combo making the products to grow in the market. Another reason that adds up the growth of these products in the market is the premiumness of the product that increases its value share in the market. Car Seats is one the fastest growing segment. It is expected to grow around 20% during forecast period. The reason is due to rising car accidents & increasing concern of parents regarding their child’s safety. Car seats basically protects the child from falling and prevent injuries until they are grown up. In Car seat segment, there are four sub-segments in which forward-facing car seat occupy almost 50% of market share in terms of volume share & will continue to do so during forecast period. Convertible Car seats is expected to grow at CAGR of around 27% highest among others. The reason behind this is they are easily convertible into forward-facing and rear-facing car seats according to the requirement.



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Carrying babies with ease and equipping them with the mobility travel equipment’s have been a trend setter among Indian parents.

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