Date : March 16, 2020
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Surface cleaning products emerging with strong steps in the market with an expected growth to cross INR 2700 crore by 2027-28.

Surface cleaning products emerging with strong steps in the market with an expected growth to cross INR 2700 crore by 2027-28.

Household cleaning section is observing robust growth of surface cleaners in the market with increasing consumes preference to keep ones house clean.

In India, surface cleaning was usually done with plain water. But in the last decade people started using detergents, phenyl or soap-water to clean the surfaces occasionally. Among all the alternatives, phenyl got really popular with Indian consumers due to low pricing and easy availability. While branded surface cleaning products have been available in mainstream retail channels for many years, they still remain a niche as compared to these cheap unbranded substitutes of cleaning. Surface cleaner is a category of household cleaning agents comprising mainly of specialty chemicals that vary with the amount of dirt and the surface being cleaned. However, the surface cleaner market has emerged in the last few years because of the changing needs of Indian consumers. Most consumers' still use local and unbranded products; however the branded surface cleaner market is set to explode now. Multinational companies have shifted their attention and resources towards developing countries like India due to large consumer base. Surface cleaners have a very low penetration in India which in turn provides vast opportunities for these manufacturers. 

Market Insights
As per the report "" India Surface Cleaning By Type(Floor cleaner, Specialized cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner) By Brand( Dettol, Colin and Easy Off, Mr. Muscle, Just Mop, Presto  etc.  ) By Company, By Demographics, By Sales Channel, Opportunities, Challenges, Trends) Market Outlook, 2027-28"" published by Bonafide Research adaption of surface cleaning products have seen commendable growth in the last couple of years. The market is expected to cross the revenue of INR 2700 crore in next couple of years. The market is segmented in floor cleaners, specialized cleaners and multi-purpose cleaners. Floor cleaners market is driving by the fact of keeping materials of the house in hygienic state apart from that the market is also majorly affected by the rising housing facilities in India. Floor cleaning is considered as a major part of the surface cleaning industry. The floor cleaner segment is then followed by the fastest growing multi-purpose cleaner segment of the market. This particular market has shown the growth of above 24% in the last couple of years. Indian consumers are highly influenced by ease-of-use and multipurpose claims, and the importance given to these are higher than most other attributes of a surface care product. A multi-purpose or all-purpose cleaner is a cleaning agent, usually a liquid, used to remove dirt, grime, and stains from surfaces. A multi-purpose cleaner is designed to be used on many different surfaces and for a variety of cleaning tasks around the house. There is no ‘standard’ set of ingredients for the cleaner, but they can typically act as a disinfectant, detergent, de-greaser, and solvent. There are products specifically designed to clean glass, wood, plastic, tile, and practically any other surface one could imagine

In recent years, many brands such as Mr Muscle, Easy off Bang and Dettol have begun to capitalize on the possibility of using a combination of efficacy-plus-convenience as a value differentiator. Dettol has even launched multi-purpose wipes last year whereas a new brand from Venky's named as 'All Kleen' has introduced a spray format of household cleaner with multiple benefits. Moreover, imported brands such as Clorox and Pine Sol are also introducing more and more multi-purpose cleaners in India. Companies like Strategi Herbals have launched herbal all-purpose household cleaner under the brand JUST Mop in spray format. In spite of marketing different niche products and dividing the consumer base, manufacturers are now finding consolidating various categories more profitable as they can target a larger consumer base.
Ongoing trends in market and introduction of innovative categories

There is a growing trend of increasing adaption in the specialized cleaning materials as no one wants this expensive flooring to look bad or get deteriorated; hence consumers are moving towards expensive floor cleaners. Trend of modular kitchens and high ware glass appliances are increasing the penetration of specialized products like glass cleaners in the country. The households are today decorated with number of flooring options. Indian homes are now increasingly using expensive floorings like marble, vinyl, hard wood, granite, terrazzo etc. Delicate tiles like Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry, Vitrified and many other have become common in metro and tier-II cities

Marketers are trying to make it easy for consumers to decide how their houses should smell through use of various fragrances in the surface cleaning products. Cleaning product fragrances often do make a point of difference in-store, in addition to cleaning ability claims. Fragrances in household cleaning products follow fragrance trends established elsewhere, such as fine fragrances or personal care products. The introduction and innovation of new fragrances in surface cleaner market has provided consumers with a range of options such as Citrus, Jasmine, Lavender, Pine, Sandal, Floral, Citronella etc to name a few.


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Surface cleaning products emerging with strong steps in the market with an expected growth to cross INR 2700 crore by 2027-28.

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