Date : February 05, 2020
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Don’t make the long drive experience a dull one enhance it by adding lovely fragrance in your car.

Don’t make the long drive experience a dull one enhance it by adding lovely fragrance in your car.

A Long drive is the best way to change the mood after heaving a stressed day and a lovely fragrance makes the drive enhance the mood from being dull to energetic. 

There are a number of people who drive without car air freshener but there the number is even bigger when it comes to driving with such accessories. This has become an essential part of life. Everyone loves the smell of new cars while purchasing but it fades away with the time and the air freshener’s role comes into the picture to get rid of the unwanted odour. 

The air fresheners have been available for a long time which used to be the part of our home and work, but it is making a big way into the cars and makes the long drives and the road trips even more pleasant. People have started choosing the car air fresheners as a part of their accessories while traveling. The benefits that it provides are it makes the car smell clean and fresh while driving creates a comfortable and pleasant driving space, get rid of foul odours, and avoids distracting and terrible road odours. There is a bit disadvantage that some of the car air fresheners might provide a harmful effect on your health but it only depends on the type of air fresheners that you use. Car air freshener is an essential part when it comes to having a lovely drive so choosing a better form is also important. 

The Car Fresheners are available in a variety of formats namely Aerosols / Sprays, Gel Air Fresheners, Car Ac Vents, Electric Car Ionizers. According to the report ""India Car Air Freshener Market Overview, 2022-2028"" published by Bonafide research the market of car air freshener has grown at a CAGR of above 12% in the last five years. This growth has allowed the overall air freshener market to grow at a really fast rate. Broadening distribution channels such as fuel stations, automotive shops, and car wash stations will also drive sales of car fresheners over the forecast period. Innovations in novelty car air freshener products and the introduction of new products on the market will ensure the further growth of the car freshener market. Business to the business segment of the car fresheners market has been growing at a rapid rate as compared to the well-established retail segment of the market. The business to business segments includes the original equipment manufacturing stores. Such stores are defined as a company whose goods are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users. Some OEMs/Showroom Owners add car air fresheners in addition to other accessories with the purchase of a car. Other than this there are many car accessory stores from where a consumer can individually visit and purchase the products. 

Presently the most preferred channel of distribution of the products has been through general trade which includes stores like single retail, departmental stores, general retail store, and car accessory stores, etc. Distribution through the multi-retail stores has been growing which used to be prevalent to only metro and tier 2 cities where consumer visits to purchase the routine grocery and purchase car air freshener along with room/bathroom air freshener. The huge potential of online shopping has caught the attention of top fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies such as P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, GCPL, SC Johnson, etc. which have started pushing their products including various household products through the online route.


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Don’t make the long drive experience a dull one enhance it by adding lovely fragrance in your car.

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