Date : January 28, 2020
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Pressure to outshine while working keeps you stressed, A better mattress while sleeping makes you relaxed.

Pressure to outshine while working keeps you stressed, A better mattress while sleeping makes you relaxed.

Indian mattress is transforming innovatively so as the sleep of the consumer are getting sweeter keeping away the stress of work pressure. 

Mattresses available in India before some years were mostly rubberized coir as foam and spring mattresses were roughly about three times costlier. Initially, the perception within India was that a hard mattress is right for the back. However, the reality is that a mattress should have the correct shape to provide comfort. At present, life has become full of stresses, and the sleep of a person is getting less so to make them sleep better, choosing a pain-free and comfortable mattress is a boon for them. Mattress market in India used to be dominated widely by the unorganized market for years because of the presence of a large number of local manufacturers. It is estimated that over hundreds of regional brands operate here, offering rock bottom prices compensated by modest quality. There are few national players, but the market of these organized players is not even half than that of unorganized sector. Mattresses from these players are priced very cheap as compared to branded ones who act better in the interest of Indian consumers. However, lack of quality and a smaller number of options along with clear information about the material used are inducing consumers to switch towards branded products. Today, Indian consumers even prefer buying from international brands whenever they think of high quality and contemporary product. 

The mattress is segmented in three types Coir mattress, PU foam mattress, Spring mattress. According to the report ""India Mattress Market By Value, By Organised Vs Unorganised, By Mattress Size ( King, Queen, Single, Others ), By Type ( Coir, PU Foam, Spring ), By End User ( Residential & Institutional ), By Sales Channel ( Online & Retail ), By Company( Kurlon, Sheela foam, Godrej Interio, Duroflex etc. ), By Tier, By Cities, Outlook ( Trends & Forecast ), 2027"" published by Bonafide Research Indian Mattress market has grown at a CAGR of above 12% in previous years. The unorganized market in spite of being heaving the highest share in Indian mattress market organized sector, holds the fastest growth rate in the last five years and have grown at a CAGR of almost 17%. Coir mattress in the organized sector used to the market dominator which is overtaken by PU foam mattress. The reason for this transformation is because of the increase in the GST of coir mattress. The GST on coir mattress at present is 18% whereas on PU foam mattress it is 18% which. Because of being less expensive and more comfortable it is among the most preferred type of mattress at present. PU foam mattress has two subtypes namely Flexible PU and Rigid PU out of which rigid PU mattress has the upper hand and has the highest market share and have grown at the fastest rate because of its higher market presence. Flexible polyurethane foam has two more sub-parts Flexible slabstock PU and Flexible moulded PU out of which the former has the most top market presence, and then later have the fastest growth rate with a CAGR of around 13%. Apart from Coir and PU foam mattress Spring mattress, which is the smallest part of the mattress market, has shown the fastest growth in the previous years and is expected to grow positively. 

PU foam being the most purchased type of mattress one of the trending type of foam mattress is a memory foam mattress. The advantages of these mattresses are it moulds itself under your body and heat and pressure and remembers your posture that is why it is called as a memory foam mattress. This mattress helps to support the body posture along with the curves and nature line of the body. Main benefits of using memory foam mattress are it provides pressure point relief, support back and spine alignment, relieve and prevent pain, different sleeping position can be accommodated, dust mite mitigation, hypoallergenic, perfect fit for adjustable beds, excellent durability. Along with its advantages, there some disadvantages of using these mattresses as they are short-lived and tends to sag according to your body weight. The foam mattress is beneficial for all the age groups at the same time, and it is not recommended for infants when these mattresses come to overall safety can create risk and suffocation to infants. The sinking effect of the memory foam may act as an obstacle in the initial phase of muscle gain and roll-over learning. 

The market has seen growth due to the involvement of new players and mostly the start-ups that have involved themselves in the market, bringing innovation into the mattress market. Start-ups that are involved in this market are Wakefit, Wink & Nod, Sunday, SleepyCat. Some of the innovations are Compressing, and roll-backing inner spring beds, Latex alternative foam, individually pocketed spring technology etc. The companies like Sheela foam, Kurlon, Duroflex are the major companies in the PU foam market with the new entrant start-up Wakefit giving fierce competition in this market. 

Covid-19 pandemic has led to boom in e-commerce industry and thus which gives boom to online market of mattress. People nowadays focused on healthy lifestyles so the use of anti-bacterial products has increased. Other innovative products like Orthopaedic Mattress, Dual Mattress, etc. are introduced in the mattress market.



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Pressure to outshine while working keeps you stressed, A better mattress while sleeping makes you relaxed.

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