“The stationery market is reading the success story of its own, which was somehow comprised by the paper stationary segment.” Bonafide Research.
Oct, 14

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“The stationery market is reading the success story of its own, which was somehow comprised by the paper stationary segment.” Bonafide Research.



With the second largest population in the world and a higher literacy rate than any country, it indicates the large potential for the use of stationary products, especially paper stationery.

From registering one’s name on a paper called a birth certificate to claiming one’s name on another paper called a death certificate, at each and every stage of life, people use paper stationery for one or another activity. With the continuous efforts of the government, India is experiencing a higher literacy rate with the development of rural and urban areas. The challenging world makes parents show more concern about their children’s education in urban areas, and various schemes encourage education in rural areas. Higher numbers of educated people lead to a greater number of workplaces. Thus, the consumption of paper stationery at schools, colleges, and offices has increased.

According to the report on 'India Stationary Market Outlook, 2027-28' published by Bonafide Research, India's overall market for stationary is anticipated to grow at more than 8% CAGR over the reviewing period from year 2022-23 to 2027-28. The total market for stationery is made up of paper stationery and non-paper stationery products. The paper stationery market is further segmented into products for office use and non-office use. The non-paper stationary segment covers products such as writing instruments, office products, colours, and other adhesive and technical instruments. In short, the stationary market includes products like notebooks, paper for the office, pens, non-paper for the office, pencils, colours and many more types. Apart from dominating paper stationary, the non-paper stationary category also contributed to major market share. Further, writing instruments have chunked the largest pie of the non-stationary market with segments like pens, pencils, and others. All these lead to the one conclusion that evolving digitalisation has not yet proved a threat to stationary products, considering the potentiality of the growth market.

The paper stationery market controls the majority of the overall stationary market. It is expected that the paper stationery market will grow at a CAGR of more than 7% during the forecast period. However, the stationary market is mostly dominated by the unorganised players; the organised players are trying to target the customer's behaviour to change their reference from branded products. This will definitely result in the growth of the market for stationary products in the near future.

Major Companies
Major companies that operate into the stationary market in India are ITC Limited, Doms Industries Private Limited, BIC Cello (India) Private Limited, Kokuyo Camlin Limited, Hindustan Pencils Private Limited, The West Coast Paper Mills Limited, Navneet Education Limited, Flair (India) Private Limited, Sundaram Multi Pap Limited, J K Paper Limited, Linc Pens & Plastic Limited.

Report: India Stationary Market Outlook, 2027-28
Base Year: 2021-22, Estimated Year: 2022-23, Forecast Year: 2027-28
Pages: 110 Figures: 21 Tables: 36

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