Global Building Insulation Materials Market Outlook, 2029

The Global Building Insulation Materials Market is estimated at USD 37 billion in 2028 , driven by Rising energy costs.

According to publisher, Here is the Global Building Insulation Materials Market Report. The global building insulation materials market is a significant sector within the construction industry, projected to reach USD 37.0 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.8%. This growth is driven by several key factors: Market Dynamics:

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Rising energy costs: As energy prices climb, homeowners and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency. Building insulation plays a crucial role in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling, leading to substantial cost savings. Stricter building regulations: Governments worldwide are implementing stricter building codes that mandate higher energy efficiency standards. This has led to a surge in demand for high-performance insulation materials. Growing focus on sustainability: There's a growing focus on sustainable construction practices. Building insulation not only reduces energy consumption but also contributes to a lower carbon footprint for buildings. Market Segments: By Material: Plastic foam is the dominant segment due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. However, materials like mineral wool and glass wool are gaining traction due to their superior fire resistance and thermal performance [2]. By Application: Residential construction is the primary driver, followed by non-residential buildings like offices and commercial spaces. Regional Analysis: The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the fastest growth due to rapid urbanization, government initiatives promoting energy efficiency, and a growing middle class with disposable income for homeownership. North America and Europe are mature markets with a high focus on energy-efficient construction. However, growth is expected to be steady due to ongoing renovation and retrofitting projects.

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Manmayi Raval

Manmayi Raval

Research Consultant

Key Developments: Manufacturers are constantly innovating to develop new insulation materials with improved thermal performance, fire resistance, and sustainability credentials. For example, BASF SE has introduced innovative aerogel-based insulation known for its exceptional thermal performance at minimal thickness [3]. There's a growing trend towards prefabricated insulated panels for faster construction and improved energy efficiency. Competitive Landscape: The building insulation material market is fragmented with no single dominant player. Major players include Saint-Gobain, Owens Corning, Knauf Gips KG, Rockwool International A/S, and BASF SE. These companies are focusing on expanding their product portfolios, geographical presence, and strategic partnerships to gain a competitive edge.

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Manmayi Raval

Table of Contents

  • Table Of Contents
  • Figures And Tables
  • Part 1. Introduction
  • 1.1 Description
  • 1.2 Objectives Of The Study
  • 1.3 Market Segment
  • 1.4 Years Considered For The Report
  • 1.5 Currency
  • 1.6 Key Target Audience
  • Part 2. Research Methodology
  • 2.1 Primary Research
  • 2.2 Secondary Research
  • Part 3. Executive Summary
  • Part 4. Market Overview
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Drivers
  • 4.3 Restraints
  • Part 5. Global Building Insulation Materials Market By Material Type
  • 5.1 Fiberglass
  • 5.2 Mineral Wool
  • 5.3 Cellulose
  • 5.4 Polyurethane/Polyisocyanurate (Pur/Pir) Foam
  • 5.5 Polystyrene
  • 5.6 Others
  • Part 6. Global Building Insulation Materials Market By End-User
  • 6.1 Residential
  • 6.2 Commercial
  • 6.3 Industrial
  • 6.4 Others
  • Part 7. Global Building Insulation Materials Market By Region
  • 7.1 North America
  • 7.2 Europe
  • 7.3 Asia-Pacific
  • 7.4 Mea (Middle East And Africa)
  • 7.5 Latin America
  • Part 8. Company Profiles
  • 8.1 Atlas Roofing Corporation
  • 8.2 Basf Se
  • 8.3 Beijing New Building Material Co., Ltd.
  • 8.4 Dupont De Nemours, Inc.
  • 8.5 Gaf Materials Corporation
  • 8.6 Huntsman Corporation
  • 8.7 Johns Manville Corporation
  • 8.8 Kingspan Group Plc
  • 8.9 Knauf Gips Kg
  • 8.10 Owens Corning
  • 8.11 Rockwool A/S
  • 8.12 Compagnie De Saint-Gobain S.A.
  • 8.13 Synthos Sa
  • Disclaimer


Global Building Insulation Materials Market Outlook, 2029

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