Global Print Label Market Outlook, 2029

The Global Print Label Market is estimated at USD 51.05 billion in 2024 , driven by Rise of Packaged Goods.

According to publisher, Here is the Global Print Label Market Report. Market Insights The global print label market is a thriving industry expected to reach a value of USD 51.05 billion in 2024 and is projected to grow further to USD 62.37 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 4.09%. This growth is driven by several factors, including: Rise of Packaged Goods: Consumers are increasingly opting for convenience and hygiene, leading to a surge in demand for packaged goods like food and beverages. This translates to a higher requirement for labels for branding and information purposes. Inventory Management: The growing adoption of barcodes and QR codes on labels simplifies inventory management, tracking, and product authentication. This is crucial for businesses of all sizes. E-commerce Boom: The e-commerce industry is witnessing phenomenal growth. With a higher focus on product presentation and faster delivery cycles, labels play a vital role in attracting customers and ensuring safe product delivery.

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Market Dynamics The print label market experiences a constant interplay between traditional and innovative solutions: Traditional Labels: Pressure-sensitive labels (e.g., stickers) and wet-glue labels remain widely used due to their affordability and versatility. For instance, wet-glue labels are regaining popularity in the beer industry in Asia for their premium look. Emerging Technologies: However, advancements in printing technologies and materials are fostering the adoption of new label types. Multi-part tracking labels are used for complex logistics, but Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is gaining traction for its superior tracking capabilities. Additionally, in-mould labels, known for their durability and eco-friendliness, are finding steady application in various industries. Market Segments The print label market is segmented by various factors, including: Material: Paper labels are the most common, but plastic films offer advantages like water resistance and are preferred for certain applications. Additionally, sustainable materials like bioplastics are gaining traction due to environmental concerns. Adhesive: The type of adhesive used depends on the application and surface. For instance, permanent adhesives are used for labels that need to stay affixed long-term, while removable adhesives are used for temporary applications or relabeling. Function: Labels can be informational (e.g., product details), promotional (e.g., special offers), or security-focused (e. g., tamper-evident labels). Regional Analysis The print label market exhibits growth across all regions: North America & Europe: These regions hold a dominant share due to established manufacturing bases, high disposable incomes, and stringent regulations requiring detailed product labeling. Asia Pacific: This region is witnessing the fastest growth due to a booming economy, rising middle class, and increasing demand for consumer goods. Latin America & Rest of the World: These regions are expected to show steady growth due to rising industrialization and growing awareness about product labeling.

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Manmayi Raval

Manmayi Raval

Research Consultant

Key Developments The print label market is constantly evolving with new technologies and trends: Digital Printing: The adoption of digital printing allows for shorter print runs, faster turnaround times, and on-demand printing, making it ideal for personalized labels and variable data printing. Sustainability: There is a growing focus on using eco-friendly materials, inks, and printing processes to minimize environmental impact. Smart Labels: The integration of smart technologies like NFC and RFID chips in labels allows for interactive features and enhanced product tracking capabilities. Competitive Landscape The print label market is a competitive landscape with a mix of established players and emerging companies: Major Players: Avery Dennison, CCL Industries, UPM Raflatac, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, and Metsä Group are some of the leading players in the global print label market. Emerging Players: Several regional and niche players are also making their mark, offering specialized label solutions and catering to specific industry needs.

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Manmayi Raval

Table of Contents

  • Table Of Contents
  • Figures And Tables
  • Part 1. Introduction
  • 1.1 Description
  • 1.2 Objectives Of The Study
  • 1.3 Market Segment
  • 1.4 Years Considered For The Report
  • 1.5 Currency
  • 1.6 Key Target Audience
  • Part 2. Research Methodology
  • 2.1 Primary Research
  • 2.2 Secondary Research
  • Part 3. Executive Summary
  • Part 4. Market Overview
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Drivers
  • 4.3 Restraints
  • Part 5. Global Print Label Market By Print Process
  • 5.1 Offset Printing
  • 5.2 Gravure
  • 5.3 Flexography
  • 5.4 Screen
  • 5.5 Letterpress
  • 5.6 Electrophotography
  • 5.7 Inkjet
  • Part 6. Global Print Label Market By Label Format
  • 6.1 Wet-Glue Labels
  • 6.2 Pressure-Sensitive Labels
  • 6.3 Linerless Labels
  • 6.4 Multi-Part Tracking Labels
  • 6.5 In-Mold Labels
  • 6.6 Sleeves
  • Part 7. Global Print Label Market By Application
  • 7.1 Food
  • 7.2 Beverage
  • 7.3 Medical
  • 7.4 Personal Care
  • 7.5 Household
  • 7.6 Industrial
  • 7.7 Logistics
  • 7.8 Others
  • Part 8. Global Print Label Market By Region
  • 8.1 North America
  • 8.2 Europe
  • 8.3 Asia-Pacific
  • 8.4 Mea (Middle East And Africa)
  • 8.5 Latin America
  • Part 9. Company Profiles
  • 9.1 3M Company
  • 9.2 Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj
  • 9.3 Al Ghurair Group
  • 9.4 Autajon Group
  • 9.5 Avery Dennison Corporation
  • 9.6 Brady Corporation
  • 9.7 Ccl Industries Inc.
  • 9.8 Cenveo, Inc
  • 9.9 Clondalkin Group Holdings B.V.
  • 9.10 Constantia Flexibles Group Gmbh
  • 9.11 Coveris Group
  • 9.12 Epac Holdings, Llc
  • 9.13 Fedrigoni S.P.A.
  • 9.14 Fuji Seal International Inc.
  • 9.15 Huhtamaki Oyj
  • 9.16 Mativ Holdings, Inc.
  • 9.17 Mondi Group
  • 9.18 Multi Color Corporation
  • 9.19 R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company
  • 9.20 Sato Holdings Corporation
  • 9.21 Taylor Corporation
  • 9.22 Westrock Company
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Global Print Label Market Outlook, 2029

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