India UV Cured Coatings Market Overview, 2028

The India UV Cured Coatings market is anticipated to add USD 238.77 million from 2022 to 2028. Due to growing consumer interest in UV solutions.

As the sun rises on India's industrial sector, UV-cured coatings are casting a radiant glow. Offering fast curing and enhanced durability that outshines traditional coating methods. UV curing, also known as ultraviolet curing, is a photochemical technique that uses intense ultraviolet light to immediately cure or dry inks, adhesives, or coatings. Compared to conventional curing and drying techniques like PVC coatings, UV coatings offer a number of advantages. UV-curing coatings are widely utilised to enhance production efficiency and improve scratch and solvent resistance. One of the primary drivers for UV-cured coatings in India is their ability to significantly improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes. The UV-cured coating market in India is driven by a growing demand for customised solutions. UV coatings offer flexibility in formulation, allowing manufacturers to tailor coatings based on specific requirements, such as gloss levels, hardness, or specific performance properties. This customization capability caters to the diverse needs of different industries and niche applications. This speed allows for faster production cycles, reduced downtime, and increased throughput. The availability of UV curing equipment and systems has improved in India, making UV technology more accessible to manufacturers. This includes advancements in UV lamps, LED UV systems, and associated curing equipment. The availability of reliable and efficient UV curing solutions has facilitated the adoption of UV-cured coatings across industries. According to the report title, "India UV Cured Coatings Market Outlook, 2028", published by Bonafide Research, the India UV Cured Coatings market is anticipated to add USD 238.77 million from 2022 to 2028.Oligomers are prepolymers with relatively low molecular weights that contribute to the overall performance of UV-cured coatings. They provide the desired properties such as hardness, flexibility, adhesion, chemical resistance, and durability. Oligomers act as the backbone of the cured coating, forming a network structure and imparting specific characteristics based on their chemical composition. Furthermore, monomers are reactive molecules that undergo polymerization during the UV curing process. They help in controlling the viscosity of the coating formulation and contribute to the film-forming properties. Monomers also play a role in adjusting the flexibility, adhesion, and crosslinking density of the cured coating. They are responsible for the initial stage of the curing process and assist in achieving proper film formation. Oligomers and monomers are widely used in UV-cured coatings in India as they provide the necessary properties and functionality to the coatings. These components contribute to the hardness, flexibility, adhesion, and chemical resistance of the cured coatings. UV-cured coatings have higher productivity in less time, with less waste, no environmental pollutants, and no loss of coating thickness. Significant adoption of UV-cured coatings from various end-use industries such as automotive, telecommunications, glass and plastic decorations, and graphic arts is driving the growth of the UV-cured coating market. UV coatings are widely used in over-print varnishes for scratch resistance, stain resistance, scuff resistance, and gloss enhancement on printed sheets and wood finishing. The significant increase in public and private spending for infrastructure development, particularly in the commercial and residential sectors of emerging economies such as India and others, bolsters the demand for UV-cured coating market. UV-cured coatings are used in a variety of electric vehicle components, including engine components, exterior coatings, window coatings, and so on. The UV-cured coating is more commonly used in electric vehicles compared to non-electric vehicles; owing to the need for UV, light refraction in an electric vehicle holds more importance and significance compared to non-electric vehicles. Therefore, it is anticipated that the expansion, innovation, and development of the automotive coatings industry will fuel demand for UV-cured coatings across the country. In India, a number of well-known brands and businesses offer UV coatings. Here are a few notable brands, which include Asian Paints, Berger Paints, AkzoNobel, Sherwin-Williams, Jotun, Hempel, and PPG Industries. Manufacturers of UV-cured coatings often have direct sales teams or representatives who engage with customers directly. They establish relationships with manufacturers, applicators, and end-users in various industries to understand their specific requirements and offer tailored solutions. Direct sales channels allow for direct communication, customization, and technical support. With the growth of e-commerce in India, online platforms have become an increasingly important sales channel for UV-cured coatings. Manufacturers and distributors often have their own e-commerce websites or partner with established online marketplaces to sell UV-cured coatings. Online platforms provide convenience, accessibility, and the ability to reach customers in remote areas. They also offer product information, online ordering, and doorstep delivery options. Many UV-cured coating manufacturers in India partner with distributors or dealers to expand their market reach. Distributors typically have established networks and relationships with customers across different regions. They act as intermediaries between the manufacturer and the end-users, handling activities such as inventory management, order fulfilment, and logistics. Distribution networks enable broader market coverage and access to a diverse customer base. The Indian government has implemented regulations and standards to control and reduce environmental pollution. These regulations may include restrictions on the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous substances in coatings, which indirectly impact the formulation and use of UV-cured coatings. The Bureau of Indian Standards is responsible for the development and implementation of various product quality and safety standards in India. While there may not be specific standards dedicated to UV-cured coatings, existing coating standards may apply to certain aspects of UV-cured coatings, such as adhesion, performance, and durability. PaintIndia is one of India's largest exhibitions and conferences for the paint and coatings industry. It covers a wide range of coating technologies, including UV coatings. The event provides a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals to showcase their products, participate in seminars, and network with key stakeholders. Paint India takes place every two years in Mumbai. Furthermore, Surtech India is an exhibition dedicated to surface treatment, coatings, and finishing technologies. The event focuses on various types of coatings, including UV coatings, and provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products, technologies, and services. Surtech India takes place in different cities across India. The Indian Coating Show is a comprehensive exhibition for the coatings industry in India. The event covers various types of coatings, including UV coatings, and provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and technologies. The Indian Coating Show takes place in different cities across India. One of the challenges in the UV-cured coatings market is the lack of awareness and understanding among potential customers about the benefits, applications, and performance characteristics of UV-cured coatings. Educating and creating awareness among manufacturers, applicators, and end-users about the advantages and proper utilisation of UV-cured coatings is crucial for market growth. UV-cured coatings can be more expensive compared to traditional solvent-based coatings. The initial investment required for UV curing equipment and systems can be significant. Manufacturers and customers may be hesitant to adopt UV-cured coatings due to the perceived higher cost, especially if they have existing infrastructure and processes that are optimised for traditional coatings. While UV-cured coatings offer excellent properties, there may be specific performance requirements in certain industries or applications that pose challenges. For instance, UV coatings may need to meet stringent chemical resistance, weatherability, or flexibility standards in specific applications, which may require further formulation development and testing. Despite all the challenges, Ongoing advancements in UV curing technology, such as UV LED systems, are improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and expanding the capabilities of UV-cured coatings. UV LED technology offers benefits like precise control over curing parameters, a longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs. These advancements make UV-cured coatings more accessible, cost-effective, and versatile for a wider range of applications. With a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and regulations on VOC emissions, UV-cured coatings are positioned as an eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based coatings. The Indian government's focus on reducing environmental impact and implementing stricter regulations is likely to drive demand for UV-cured coatings, which have low VOC content and a minimal environmental footprint. Considered in this report •Geography: India •Historic year: 2017 •Base year: 2022 •Estimated year: 2023 •Forecast year: 2028 Aspects covered in this report •India UV Cured Coating Market with its value and forecast along with its segments •Various drivers and challenges •On-going trends and developments •Top profiled companies •Strategic recommendation By Composition : • Oligomers • Monomers • Photoinitiators • PU Dispersions • Others By Type : • Wood Coatings • Plastic Coatings • Over Print Varnish • Display Coatings • Conformal Coatings By End use industry : • Industrial Coatings • Electronics • Graphic Arts The approach of the report: This report consists of a combined approach of primary as well as secondary research. Initially, secondary research was used to get an understanding of the market and listing out the companies that are present in the market. The secondary research consists of third-party sources such as press releases, annual report of companies, analyzing the government generated reports and databases. After gathering the data from secondary sources primary research was conducted by making telephonic interviews with the leading players about how the market is functioning and then conducted trade calls with dealers and distributors of the market. Post this we have started doing primary calls to consumers by equally segmenting consumers in regional aspects, tier aspects, age group, and gender. Once we have primary data with us. we have started verifying the details obtained from secondary sources. Intended audience This report can be useful to industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to UV cured coating Market industry, government bodies and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry. Key words : India, UV Curing, High-Gloss Finish , UV Resins, Scratch Resistance ,Instant Curing, UV Protective Coatings ,UV Adhesives ,Industrial Coatings ,Printing and Packaging ,Automotive Coatings ,Furniture Coatings ,Electronics Coatings ,Chemical Resistance ,UV Radiation Protection ,Durability ,Aesthetics Enhancement ,UV LED Curing ,Adhesion ,UV Curable Coatings ,Gloss Retention

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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Market Structure
  • 2.1. Market Considerate
  • 2.2. Assumptions
  • 2.3. Limitations
  • 2.4. Abbreviations
  • 2.5. Sources
  • 2.6. Definitions
  • 2.7. Geography
  • 3. Research Methodology
  • 3.1. Secondary Research
  • 3.2. Primary Data Collection
  • 3.3. Market Formation & Validation
  • 3.4. Report Writing, Quality Check & Delivery
  • 4. India Macro Economic Indicators
  • 5. Market Dynamics
  • 5.1. Key Findings
  • 5.2. Key Developments - 2021
  • 5.3. Market Drivers & Opportunities
  • 5.4. Market Restraints & Challenges
  • 5.5. Market Trends
  • 5.6. Covid-19 Effect
  • 5.7. Supply chain Analysis
  • 5.8. Policy & Regulatory Framework
  • 5.9. Industry Experts Views
  • 6. India UV Cured Coatings Market Overview
  • 6.1. Market Size By Value
  • 6.2. Market Size and Forecast By Application Type
  • 6.3. Market Size and Forecast By Resin Type
  • 7. India UV Cured Coatings Market Segmentations
  • 7.1. India UV Cured Coatings Market, By Application Type
  • 7.1.1. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Architectural, 2017-2028
  • 7.1.2. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Industrial, 2017-2028
  • 7.2. India UV Cured Coatings Market, By Resin Type
  • 7.2.1. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Acrylic, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.2. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Alkyd, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.3. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Epoxy, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.4. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Polyester, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.5. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Polyurethane, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.6. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Fluoropolymers, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.7. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Vinyl, 2017-2028
  • 7.2.8. India UV Cured Coatings Market Size, By Others, 2017-2028
  • 8. India UV Cured Coatings Market Opportunity Assessment
  • 8.1. By Application Type, 2023 to 2028
  • 8.2. By Resin Type, 2023 to 2028
  • 9. Competitive Landscape
  • 9.1. Porter's Five Forces
  • 9.2. Company Profile
  • 9.2.1. Company 1
  • 9.2.2. Company 2
  • 9.2.3. Company 3
  • 9.2.4. Company 4
  • 9.2.5. Company 5
  • 9.2.6. Company 6
  • 9.2.7. Company 7
  • 9.2.8. Company 8
  • 10. Strategic Recommendations
  • 11. Disclaimer

List of Table
Table 1 : Influencing Factors for Global UV Cured Coatings Market, 2022
Table 2: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size and Forecast By Application Type (2017, 2022 & 2028F)
Table 3: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size and Forecast By Resin Type (2017, 2022 & 2028F)
Table 4: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Architectural (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 5: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Industrial (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 6: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Acrylic (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 7: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Alkyd (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 8: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Epoxy (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 9: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Polyester (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 10: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Polyurethane (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 11: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Fluoropolymers (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 12: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Vinyl (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion
Table 13: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size of Others (2017 to 2028) in USD Billion

List of Figures
Figure 1: India UV Cured Coatings Market Size By Value (2017, 2022 & 2028F) (in USD Billion)
Figure 2: Market Attractiveness Index, By Application Type
Figure 3: Market Attractiveness Index, By Resin Type
Figure 4: Porter's Five Forces of India UV Cured Coatings Market

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India UV Cured Coatings Market Overview, 2028

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