Date : March 25, 2022
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Honda is all set to enter cordless lawn mower market by introducing smaller robotic mower as a part of ‘New Age of Cutting’.

Honda is all set to enter cordless lawn mower market by introducing smaller robotic mower as a part of ‘New Age of Cutting’.
Honda’s transformation into the cordless lawn & garden market from the traditional lawn mower production is a result of gradual shift of consumer preference towards the cordless products (due to developments in battery technology). Honda Motor Co., Limited is introducing several new and updated products across its European lawn & garden range. Honda is about to launch two all-new premium models on its renowned class-leading IZY platform. Consisting same qualities, built and performance standards as IZY, both the models HRG416XB and HRG466XB are expected to deliver enhanced performance. Both the segments are expected to feature a new brushless motor design, for exceptional efficiency and effectively. In addition to that, larger HRG466 model is also being offered with on-off selective mulching.

Other prominent countries are also introducing various technologies and developments related lawn mowers. For instance, Husqvarna group has announced the release of automower 435X AWD (all-wheel drive) which is an AI-enabled (Artificial Intelligence) robotic mower. This robotic auto-mower is designed to manage rough terrain and slopes with an incline up to 70%. 435X auto-mower also operate with Amazon Alexa and Goggle Home. Husqvarna group is a global leader of robotic lawn mower production. It has also introduced satellite based solution for all new robotic lawn mower range.

According to the research report “Global Lawn Mower market Outlook, 2027" published by Bonafide Research, the lawn mower market is anticipated to grow with 6.03% CAGR during the forecast period. The rising trend for well-kept backyards and beautification activities for lawns and gardens have impacted the lawn mower market across the globe. North America region is estimated to lead the global lawn mower market by 2027. North America is the first largest market for lawn mower consumption. Due to high home expansions and rising income per capita, demands for garden equipments have increased. Rising adoption of green roofs and green spaces across the globe is expected to boost the needs for lawn mowers. In addition to that North America is considered to account for nearly 50% of the total world golf supply. Due to that the penetration of lawn mowers remains all time high in United States of America and Canada in this region.

From the research, it has been estimated that from 16 Billion to 41 Billion pounds of carbon dioxide is being emitted from lawn mowers every year. Another estimate is that every gallon of gasoline which is burned in lawn mower mechanism emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. Due to this carbon emissions and pollution created by the gas-powered lawn mower, several governments are implementing regulations for utilizing or banning (partial ban except California) the gas-powered lawn mowers. To overcome this important hazard, electric-powered lawn mowers are being introduced which are more eco-friendly as well as high energy efficient compared to traditional lawn mowers.

The global supply chain of garden products including lawn mowers has been facing disruptions due to Covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak of the virus in various developed countries such as China, Wuhan halted the production as well as transportation. Thus, it delayed the shipment of essential raw materials, batteries and engines. By the time, China reopened its lawn mower market; the pandemic had already impacted several countries heavily globally causing disruptions especially in Western Europe and United States of America. However, by the end of 2020 many countries initiated production and manufacture for lawn mowers with higher efficiency. Due to lockdown situation and work from home condition, there has been major change in consumer preference and choices. Many people have adopted gardening as hobby during the lockdown. In addition to that awareness about energy consumption and reducing pollution have also increased in recent few years. These are the factors responsible for exponential market growth of lawn mower market during the forecast period.
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Honda is all set to enter cordless lawn mower market by introducing smaller robotic mower as a part of ‘New Age of Cutting’.

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