Date : March 25, 2022
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Numerous companies are launching a new range of e-fluids for electric vehicles to optimize the vehicle performance.

Numerous companies are launching a new range of e-fluids for electric vehicles to optimize the vehicle performance.
Valvoline Inc. Company has been at the forefront of e-mobility. It has been leading the electric vehicle fluids industry for nearly two decades by partnering and collaborating with manufacturers worldwide to produce advanced fluid solutions. In 2021, Valvoline has introduced new electric vehicle products called ‘XEV’ in China. XEV includes motor oil, battery protection oil, transmission and brake fluid. These electric vehicle fluids help solve the common issues such as battery temperature variations, powertrain performance, brake system corrosion and bearing failure. In the same analytical year, Castrol Limited launched ‘Castrol ON’, the new brand for advanced fluids for electric vehicle. Castrol ON e-fluids are prominent components to bring the automotive industry closer to increasing adoption of electric vehicle across the globe. Favorable characteristics for Castrol ON e-fluids include charge time of 31 minutes, 469 kilometers range and USD 36,000 price point. Shell Plc has introduced e-fluids including e-transmission fluids, e-thermal fluids and e-greases to make vehicle perform efficient. Company aims to support electric mobility and offer cleaner energy solutions for customers.

According to the research report “Global Electric Vehicle Fluid market Outlook, 2027" published by Bonafide Research, the electric vehicle fluid market is anticipated to grow with 27.61% compound annual growth rate. Asia-Pacific region is projected to have maximum market share in terms of value by the forecast period. The rise in electric vehicle production has driven the demand for electric vehicle fluids. Electric vehicles demands increased exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Electric vehicle fluids market is set to increase significantly over the next decade because many countries are implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions. Governments across the world have formed various support policies and incentives to encourage adoption of electric vehicle. Since the mass production of electric vehicle has been introduced, many fire incidents have taken place. Shenzhen in China, Kent in Washington, Merida in Mexico and Murfreesboro in Tennessee etc have witnessed electric vehicle fire incidents. Among the e-fluid range, heat transfer fluid is essential fluid type to reduce the fire incidents for EVs. Heat transfer fluid regulates the battery temperature at an optimal state which reduces the fire catching threat.

Ten million electric cars were on the world’s roads in 2020. In 2021, nearly 5.6 Millions electric vehicles were sold internationally. There are more 500 zero-emission vehicles available to direct the industry towards sustainable environment. Implementing effective fluids in electric vehicles improve the overall performance of the vehicle as well as ensure the safety. Sales channel for electric vehicle fluid is presented as complex terminology. But with the fact, that some of the suppliers are developing expertise in manufacturing electric vehicle fluids. This can boost the industry to complete the demands for EV fluids. Demand and development of electric vehicle fluids are increasing due to improved choices by consumers, reduced prices for electric vehicle and improved functions.

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Numerous companies are launching a new range of e-fluids for electric vehicles to optimize the vehicle performance.

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