Date : October 17, 2021
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Global Gum Confectionery Market to cross a value of USD 25 Billion by 2026: Bonafide Research

Global Gum Confectionery Market to cross a value of USD 25 Billion by 2026: Bonafide Research
The recent publication of Bonafide Research, titled 'Global Gum Confectionery Market Outlook, 2026' is an in-depth study of the global market along with the dynamics that is to shape the market. This report has been classified into major divisions of Sales Channel (Supermarket/Hypermarket, Convenience Stores, Pharmaceutical & Drug Stores, E-commerce & others) by region & country.

A piece of gum is a recreational edible item, which is chewed out of instinctual desire. Even though it is a mindless action, the small piece of gum holds its perks and encumbrances. Chewing gum is not a new concept, as the Greeks used to chew sap from the mastic tree. However, the modern version of the gum is made with artificial flavors and synthetic ingredients. Gum confectionery is highly preferred by teenagers and the young aged public, who prefer it as a style statement. The gum confectionery market globally grew with a historic CAGR of 2.66%.

One of the major advantages of chewing gum is that it can curb cravings and indirectly cuts down the consumption of calories. Apart from this, chewing gum does help in removing food debris and also increases saliva flow. The saliva also helps in strengthening tooth enamel as it carries phosphate and calcium. The frequent chewing of gum can result in dental health issues like tooth decay, cavities, and gum problems. The high sugar contents in the chewing cover the teeth and thus gradually damage the tooth enamel.

The chewing of gum confectionery, aids in increasing blood flow to the brain, also has a positive impact on improvising memory. Also, many people opt to chew a piece of gum, to keep sleep away and stay alert. Mint flavored gums are considered the most effective way to battle yawns. Strongly flavored gums are best to soothe morning nausea or motion sickness. However, it can also cause stress to the stomach and intestines. The constant chewing signals the body that food is about to be swallowed and thus digestive enzymes and acids are activated. This makes the body bloated and the stomach acid is overproduced. Artificial sweeteners can also cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems. Also, chewing gum can be linked to headaches in teenagers. A significant reduction in the consumption of gums leads to the severity of the headache.

Many people associate chewing gum with stress-relieving properties which are also considered as a major market driver in the global gum confectionery market. The purchase of gum is quite impulsive in nature which augments the demand. Globally, the manufacturers are adopting various marketing strategies, not only through the introduction of new flavors but also by launching attractive shapes and packing.

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Global Gum Confectionery Market to cross a value of USD 25 Billion by 2026: Bonafide Research

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