Date : October 02, 2021
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The Global Baby Indoor Products Market to reach a market size of USD 14456 Million: Bonafide Research

The Global Baby Indoor Products Market to reach a market size of USD 14456 Million: Bonafide Research

Baby indoor products are non-necessity baby discretionary products that have a relatively inelastic demand as compared to other baby products. The baby indoor product market includes products like Baby Rocker/Bouncers/Swing, Baby Feeding Bottle, Baby High Chair, Baby Walker, Baby Potty Training Seat, and Baby Bath Tub. The recent publication of Bonafide Research- under the title of Global Baby Indoor Products Market Outlook, 2026, gives a clear market analysis for the industry, with inclusive of different product categories and segments.

The majority of these products are considered as not necessary in the developing & under developing economies, while the developed region of North America & Europe are willing to spend on them. This brought uncertainty in the market, which historically cramped the growth of the market to 3.08%. Even though these products are not a must-have for the baby, parents prefer baby indoor gear which offers the baby comfort & safety. It is also a great choice for soothing a fussy baby, which is to allow the overall market to cross a market value of USD 14456.61 Million by the end of 2026.

A baby bouncer comes to power with the baby's movement or simply by giving a nudge, while a baby rocker looks much like a cradle or a reclined baby seat, which is powered mechanically or by motion. This has made it possible for this segment of product to lead the market, with a share of less than 30%. A feeding bottle is one of the most common and basic purchases when a baby is born. The increase in the birth rate and the constant innovations towards the sustainable alternative are the major market driver for the overall baby feeding bottle segment to grow with the highest CAGR of 4.35%. Parents prefer to buy such bottles from online channels, given the variety and the ease of buying a suitable sleeve for the bottle. The preference for glass feeders has inclined in recent times as they don’t leach any chemicals to the milk. One of the most sustainable inventions is the steel feeding bottle which is handy, non-toxic, and lightweight. These bottles have insulating properties that aid the milk to be warm for a longer period of time and are also easy to clean, less prone to scratches, and are extremely durable.

A potty chair is a plastic toilet made specifically for training babies. They are mostly standalone and portable. These seats are easily attached to the regular toilet so that the child can sit comfortably. The limited availability of these products in rural areas hampers the growth of the overall market growth. The baby walkers have been banned in Canada since 2004, which also influenced the US for repeated banning calls for the same. This has restricted the market growth to the lowest CAGR of 1.88% historically. The major hurdle in the baby bathtub segment is a large number of unorganized players in the top economies of Asia, which impacts the overall market and thus limits the contribution to 5.47% in the forecasted period.

The changing lifestyle and the adaption of western culture in Asian countries have aided the adoption of such convenience-oriented indoor products. The leading players are focusing on making the product more attractive and affordable and thus fuelling the market growth. However, on the other hand, the market once considered international and luxury is now being impacted by the rise of local players. The market is dominated by the specialty store segment, which accounted for a share of 42.86% in the year 2020. Companies are using a variety of advertising & promotional tools to mitigate the increasing competition in the market. Many companies are focusing on innovating products and geographical expansion of their product portfolio and reach across the globe. The rapid growth of e-commerce is likely to drive the market for baby indoor products in the coming period and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.27%. Factors like increased brand penetration and high connected distribution network are expected to drive the market shortly.

The baby indoor products market is majorly dominated by the Asia Pacific, with an obvious high population of 0-4 years. With the betterment in economic condition and the improved living standard, the baby indoor product market is expected to grow significantly in Latin America and Middle East & Africa regions. North America and European markets are characterized by high spending power and a well penetrated baby indoor product market.

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The Global Baby Indoor Products Market to reach a market size of USD 14456 Million: Bonafide Research

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