Date : September 23, 2022
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The global water purifier market will be driven by the rising demand from the Asia-Pacific region: Bonafide Research.


Clean water resources in the developing economies of the Asia-Pacific region is a challenging task. The pollution of water through improper sewage let out, dumping of industrial waste into water bodies and water pollution is high. Harmful industrial chemicals let out into rivers further pollute the water resources. The rising awareness of water-borne diseases in the region will further increase the adoption of water purifiers. This will drive the demand for water purifiers in the Asia-Pacific region over the forecast period of 2022–2027.

According to the research report, "Global Water Purifier Market Outlook, 2027" published by Bonafide Research, the market is projected to register a high growth rate of 13.57% over the forecast period. The Global Water Purifier Market was valued at USD 36.21 billion in 2021.The Asia-Pacific region is expected to register the highest growth rate of 16.32% through the forecast period ending in 2027. The rural parts of developing nations still boil water for drinking. There is a large untapped market in these areas of the world where advertising and mass education can lead to increased adoption of water purifiers. The companies need to extend their reach in remote locations.

The global water purifier market is going through intense competition among the players due to strategic advertising techniques. Additionally, growing awareness about the rising prevalence of water-borne diseases is expected to propel the growth of the global water purifier market in the coming future. Thus, rising disposable income is leading to a boost in adoption of advanced water purifiers such as RO-based purification. Additionally, these purifiers offer the advantage of replacing filters rather than whole internal systems.

The increased penetration of water purifiers, coupled with consumer awareness of clean drinking water and a rise in disposable income levels, drives the market growth further. North America and Europe are expected to grow at a slower pace as compared to the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. Smart water purifiers are becoming the new water purifier market trends. The smart water purifiers are easy to use and have many stages of purification. They also monitor the water quality and set up all settings as per requirements.

The water purifier market has been gaining immense attraction for the last decade owing to an awakening about living a healthier life. The shortfall of portable water is augmenting the need for government initiatives to make available pure and clean drinking water globally. This factor has encouraged the adoption of water purifiers across the globe, especially across developing countries such as India and China. Because developed regions such as North America and Europe are mature markets for water purifiers, developing countries are seeing the most lucrative opportunities for growth in the water purifier market.

This is due to their efficient performance, low electricity consumption, and regular technological innovation. RO water purifiers hold a major market share due to wide adoption by consumers across the globe. However, other types of water purifiers like smart purifiers are expected to drive future market trends during the forecast period. RO water purifiers are less efficient and cost-effective as compared to UV water purifiers, which increases the adoption of RO water purifiers among low-income groups. However, the high maintenance cost of filters may challenge leading companies to expand their penetration in the ensuing period.

With the need for drinking clean water gaining prominence globally, industry players are likely to boost the industry outlook. Drinking clean water helps improve the digestive system, skin health, energy level, and  likely to boost the industry outlook. Drinking clean water helps improve the digestive system, skin health, energy level, and weight loss. Leading players have increased their focus on enhancing the quality of water flavour and taste. Furthermore, the trend for smart purification has become pronounced across emerging and advanced economies. The popularity of smart technology-based purifiers will further encourage technology adoption, thereby fostering the water purifier market growth. They are attempting to increase their market penetration in water purification technology by focusing on advanced technologies, product development, and small-scale manufacturer acquisitions.

Some of the leading players in water purifier market are A.O. Smith Corporation, Aquatech International LLC, Pentair PLC, Brita International, Eureka Forbes Limited, Coway Company Ltd, Culligan International Company, BWT Holding Gmbh, 3M Purification Inc.

Market Dynamics

Rising Awareness Regarding Waterborne Diseases
Emerging Advancements in Technology

High price water purifiers
Maintenance & Replacement Costs

Smart Water Purifiers in Developing Nations


The global water purifier market will be driven by the rising demand from the Asia-Pacific region: Bonafide Research.

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