Date : July 27, 2021
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Pet care market in India to grow due to rising nuclear family trend: Bonafide Research

Pet care market in India to grow due to rising nuclear family trend: Bonafide Research

India's pet care market is expected to grow on account of rising nuclear families, double-income households, and changes in lifestyle, urbanization, and increasing pet ownership. A number of people during the lockdown filled their emptiness by adopting a pet. This trend during the pandemic saw a rise in demand not only from metros but also from tier II and III cities.

Pets have been an integral part of Indian families for a long time and even in today’s fast-paced life pets continue to be an important part of human lives. Pets are increasingly tending to be perceived as family members and they are being fed quality food and are being given good healthcare. The market is expected to grow robustly over the forecast period and historically grew around 24% during the period 2016-17 to 2021-22. The report entitled “India Pet Care Market Outlook, 2027-28” by Bonafide Research gives a comprehensive analysis of the pet care market of India for the segmentations of Pet Food, Pet Accessories, Pet Grooming & Pet Healthcare, along with an in-depth analysis of market share by animal type, by food type, by accessories, by grooming product, by sales channel, by region, by cities, and by major companies.

From the faithful and friendly buddies like cats and dogs to the small creatures such as turtles, each and every pet amaze us with their nature. The market is led by the dog segment which accounted for more than half of the market share. The country is likely to have an incline in the adoption of rabbits which is directly impacting the spending and allows the animal segment to grow at an anticipated growth rate of higher than 26%. The fastest growing sectors include pet food which captures two-thirds of the market revenue followed by pet accessories, grooming, and healthcare. The Indian Pet Care industry is set to grow at a fast pace promoting companies like Emami and Nestle to enter the sector.

Many new companies are jumping into the market looking at the greater potential of this industry. In the coming few years, India is also expected to become a major exporter of pet-related products and accessories. The rise of numerous pet magazines containing well-groomed attractive pictures of pets has contributed towards the demand and spending for pet grooming products. Various e-stores offer accessories starting from basic ones to the most stylish and luxurious. With increasing awareness about the good health and well-being of pets, the pet healthcare segment is also expanding. Products such as multivitamins, supplements, eye and ear care products, dental care/oral care products, diapers, etc. are some of the trending pet healthcare products in the market.

Many Indians prefer to adopt the abandoned pets to introduce them to a new caring family. The responsibility of the pet raising comes with the demand for high-quality pet care products in the market. The pet owners don’t want to compromise with quality for their loved ones. Hence, the Indian market is craving the necessity for new and high-quality pet care products. From pet foods to the pet accessories such as belts, chains & toys, and from the pet grooming products such as shampoos & combs to the pet healthcare products such as supplements, all these have bloomed the Indian Pet care market. 

Due to the rise in social media and increase in a post related to pets the whole scenario is changing. Availability of online purchase, varieties, marketing & advertisements and new player’s entry all region are penetrated by the pet care products. In India, the southern region leads the market with a promising share of more than 30%. All these efforts and emerging trends will increase the pet adoption rate in India, allowing the brand leaders to introduce new products in the market and target pet owners. This will also help the Indian pet care market to be a pavilion of incredible possibilities. 

Recently, the brand Pedigree launched a campaign on dog adoption. It urged the pet owners to adopt the abandoned dogs as their new family members. Pedigree had also launched a child replacement campaign in the past to target the people that dogs and pets are far more lovable and caring than their children. Apart from the branding campaigns, various startups in India are gaining popularity for pet care. Such as PetDom, which is an online platform for pet adoption, BarkNBond, which is a consulting service especially for pets, CollarFolk, which arranges pet-friendly vacations, BarkLoot, which offers monthly pet gifts on its subscriptions, Waggle, which helps the pet owners to find out pet-friendly home during their outside visit, etc. 

To gain the attention of the pet owners, the brands have adopted the strategy of premiumization by making premium products for their pets and targeting their intuition by introducing their pets as their family members. Today pets are progressively having a tendency to be seen as family members and they are being fed quality food and are being given good healthcare. Over the past decade, there has been a remarkable shift in Indian consumers buying patterns and a large number of urban dwellers are leading a busy lifestyle, double-income households, etc. Pedigree also launched a free online sampling campaign in which pet owners registered their pets online to get a free sample of pet food from Pedigree.



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Pet care market in India to grow due to rising nuclear family trend: Bonafide Research

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