Despite of the hurdles, the Middle East & Africa Kitchen Hood Market is to grow a CAGR of 5.8%. – Bonafide Research
May, 22

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Despite of the hurdles, the Middle East & Africa Kitchen Hood Market is to grow a CAGR of 5.8%. – Bonafide Research


Kitchen range hoods are designed to collect cooking odors, moisture, and airborne grease. However, not all hoods are created the same since they have different mechanisms for purifying the air in the kitchen. It makes cleaning easier by eliminating contaminated air from its primary source, which is the cooking stove. In the Middle Eastern and African markets, the kitchen hood market is in a very nascent, but promising position. Even after the 2008 crisis, the Middle East & Africa experienced an economic decline mirroring the global scenario, the region’s kitchen hood market has regained growth with an anticipated CAGR of 5.8% through the forecasted period. The report- Middle East & Africa Kitchen Hood Market by Bonafide Research provides information such as company profiles, product details, and specifications, manufacturing location, revenue, and contact information. The research provides deep insights into the leading kitchen hood industry trends. It shares comprehensive data on all aspects and an all-inclusive study of all the segments, categories along with regional and country analysis.
UAE leads the regional market with a marginal difference from Saudi Arabia. The region represents a conglomeration of high growth countries, with many resources pushing countries forward, and creating urban markets across countries ripe for selling appliances for new homeowners, in a rapidly urbanizing scenario. An expanding middle class, the inclusion of new areas as peri-urban and urban markets, and the inclusion of more women in the workforce are further boosting the growth of home appliances in both regions. Further, swelled disposable income of the population along with positive GPD growth is envisioned to propel the growth of the kitchen hood market in Qatar.
In the Middle East & Africa region, the under cabinet kitchen hood segment accounted for a market of 42.69% in the year 2020. Increasing purchasing power, increasing rate of urbanization, improvement in consumer sentiments, competitive discounts in hypermarkets, as well as on e-commerce websites, and other regulatory advantages for home appliance multinationals provide for drivers of the recovering home appliances market in the Middle East and Africa. Although many designs of kitchen range hoods channel unhealthy smoke and unpleasant odor to the outside, some models work by recirculating the air to the kitchen using filters and powerful fans. By the end of the forecasted period, the ceiling mount segment is likely to grow over a market of USD 0.21 Billion.
Income disparity, high level of competition between manufacturers; international and domestic, as well as different distributors provide for a difficult market for home appliances in the Middle East and Africa. The population growth, technology infiltration, rising purchasing power, and the people's improving lifestyle trends are some of the critical factors on the requirements and purchase decisions of kitchen hood in the market. Issues evolving from energy and water utilization by major appliances remain apparent in various categories of home appliances, including the kitchen hood in South Africa. Consumers have been becoming more aware of energy consumption and are getting educated about energy ratings by various players in the market. Players are also promoting their brands in combination with mass retailers.