Make your kitchen smarter, innovation in the kitchen hood is further expanding into technological front: Bonafide Research
Jul, 07

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Make your kitchen smarter, innovation in the kitchen hood is further expanding into technological front: Bonafide Research



Technologies like Heat, Motion Temperature Sensors, Adapt Tech Feature, LED Lighting, Touch Control, Perimeter Aspiration System (PAS), Adapt Tech Feature, Timer & Refresher, Polyurethane Filter, and IOT integrated kitchen hood is easing the human efforts.

In the era of smartphones, the consumer’s desire for smarter devices has been increased drastically. The traditional kitchen hood was not featuring the smartest technologies of the present times. However, stiff competition has enabled companies to become more technological advances. Moreover, the companies have evaluated the market needs and they started launching smarter devices, which makes consumers work easier and much less messy. 

According to the recently published report of Bonafide Research, ""Kitchen Hood Market Outlook, 2027-28"", the kitchen hood market of India grew with a healthy CAGR of above 13% during the period 2016-17 to 2021-22. The kitchen hood market is expected to have a healthy year on year growth in the forecast period as the disposable income of Indian is increasing. The continuous improvement in suction capacity, innovation, energy-saving, and compact kitchen appliances are more in demand. Technological advancements paired with effective space utilization would be a major preference for the customers, as the lifestyle is getting busier and homes are becoming smaller. Premium products are more used in urban India as they adapt to western culture the most. Moreover, the young generation is more tech-savvy who prefers smarter devices and spend more amounts on smart products. Not only in urban but disposable income has also increased in rural India, which gradually increases consumer base. However, lower awareness among the rural population is still restricting the market growth.

In the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled product with in-built Wi-Fi/Bluetooth allows users can operate most of its features through a Smartphone Application, IR remote and digital control panel. Young customers are more inclined towards smart devices for the customer's ease. It can be operated from anywhere, whether you are outside or inside sitting in the living area or any other room you can control your hoods. The motion-sensing technology enables easy operation by a simple wave of your hand. Wave your hand towards the right to turn on the chimney and continue waving to increase the speed. While waving towards the left will decrease the speed and finally turns it off. On the other hand, heat sensor, kitchen hoods are equipped with a fan, which is essential for controlling the amount of heat in the room. Therefore, in case of high temperatures in the cooking area, the heat vent in the device senses it and immediately turns on the fan to balance the heat in the room. In addition to this, smart features such as noise reduction, wireless connectivity, time & temperature sensor, etc. are likely to influence customer decision making on kitchen hoods.