Date : August 16, 2022
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Ease of cooking process has now become equally important as choice of taste. - Bonafide Research

Ease of cooking process has now become equally important as choice of taste.  - Bonafide Research
The expanding interest and demand for high-value animal protein and comfort ready to eat food items drive the frozen meat market. The advancement in processing, innovations, and technologies has prompted the presentation of various items in the market, consequently guaranteeing a greater consumer base. Frozen meat products have probably the largest adaption observed among the consumers. Consumers prefer meat mostly due to the protein contents that it provides to the body however, it is depleted when the meat is in direct atmosphere contact for a longer time. On the other hand, freezing the meat makes it less messy and keeps it fresh for the consumption. These meat products include forms of preserved beef, chicken, pork, etc.

The report “Global Frozen Meat & Poultry Products Market Outlook, 2027” published by Bonafide Research shows that frozen meat and poultry products have been viewed as the largest revenue generator in frozen food products category. It is expected to have growth above 4% CAGR by the forecast period. The growth of online retail outlets and offline stores, in most of the developed economies, has boosted its demand. The top three regions contributing the highest share in the market are Asia Pacific, Europe & North America out of which Asia-Pacific recorded the fastest growth with a prominent CAGR. Manufacturers in the market have been alluring the customers with an innovative range of packaging such as tear-notch openings, sealable zippers, and single-serve packaging. The manufacturers in the market of frozen meat are largely dependent on the cold storage infrastructure. Along with these key players in the market are collectively focusing on enhancement or production methods. These players adhere to quality standards & production safety.

Consumers' high inclination towards consuming frozen meat is going to incur rapid sales in the light of changing consumption patterns. Increasing at home socialization, on the move food, wide acceptance of healthy food habits is surely going to drive the market during the upcoming timeframe. Given consumption, the foodservice segment is assessed to represent the biggest offer in the frozen food market in the current period and the future as well. The foodservice industry incorporates eateries, quick-service restaurants, bars, lodgings, and human healthcare. Among these, QSRs rule the food service business in the frozen food market because of the high commitment and with increasing numbers of outlets in the Middle East and African region. The foodservice industry utilizes frozen food things all the time to spare time in cooking; this decreases the time taken by the food items to arrive at the clients' table. Frozen food has both quality and taste; henceforth, it satisfies client desires.
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Ease of cooking process has now become equally important as choice of taste. - Bonafide Research

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