The drive for companionship creates never ending demand for pet care products
May, 19

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The drive for companionship creates never ending demand for pet care products


The North American pet care market is growing day by day and it one of the largest booming market in terms of pet care. The need of a companion is driving the pet care market. The North American region is very huge consisting of many developed and under developed countries but the love and affection towards the pet is rising gradually. People now have very stressful life due to long working hours because of that people are turning towards owning a pet so they can play with them, take care of them and spend time with them to reduce their stress. Dogs and cats are the most adopted pet in the North America. Dogs are adopted more due to their human friendly nature and loyalty. The increased adoption rate has let the pet care market to grow which lead the other segments such as pet food market, pet grooming market, pet accessories market, and pet healthcare market to grow on their own. The United States of America has the largest market share in the North American pet care market followed by Mexico and Canada and rest of the North American countries who contributes in this pet care market. The never-ending demands for pet care and pet stuffs are increasing in both domestic as well as foreign markets because of the improvement in quality and increase in the availability of varied products.
Market Insights
As per the report “The North America Pet Care Market, By Value, By Segment (Pet Food, Pet Healthcare, Pet Accessories, Pet Grooming), By Countries ( USA, Mexico, Canada, Rest of North America), By Pet Food Type , By Pet Type, By Ingredients , By Sales Channel (Specialized, Hypermarket, Online, Others), (Trends & forecast), Outlook, 2025” published by Bonafide Research the findings show that the pet food segment of the market has been enjoying prominent positions in the market with its largest presence. The pet food segment in the North American region grown approximately 3% in last couple of years. The reason behind this growth is that people awareness towards pet health made the pet food companies make natural organic, grain free foods for the pets. The retail segment and distribution of the pet food are available in every locality having various range of products with market share of approximately 60-70% This mode of trade has derived the market with its positive which by all means will be reflecting in the coming years when the growth is higher than current rate.
Many under developed and small middle class countries like Cuba, Dominican republic, panama where people have tendency towards economical and easily available products which are available through this type of local stores. Products are also provided in bundles with discounts.
Innovations in the market
The pet care market in North America has always been affected by innovations. From traditional sales of products through Retail shops to e-commerce direct to home delivery trend. From traditional pet grooming to mobile grooming has changed the grooming market. Currently one such trend is going on is pet yoga where they train your pet yoga which help it to stay healthy. Various private yoga teachers and classes are running in the North American countries like USA, Canada etc. pet food segment has also affected by the innovations and one such innovation is Hierarchical pet food packs for various dog breeds based on their age group.
The current ongoing trend on mobile pet grooming is taking the grooming industry to new heights. Pet owners want to give their pets a healthy life style so for that they are looking after their pets all round well being. In mobile grooming service a team of professionals comes at your doorstep with a fully equipped vehicle and provides all the necessary pet grooming services like combing, hair care for pets, nail clipping, bathing all are provided at your doorstep. Owners busy life schedule and long working hours made the pet mobile grooming services to rise. Owners do not have to go out of their house for grooming services but they can avail these services at their home at their comfort and in free time. Many companies are now emerging that provides this type of grooming services as this ongoing trend is expected to increase more in the future. Owners can review all the grooming packages of different companies to avail the best suitable package for their pet which is beneficial for the pet and is economical.