Pets being the most amazing creatures give unconditional love and deserve same in form of healthy and premium food products- Bonafide Research
Jun, 07

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Pets being the most amazing creatures give unconditional love and deserve same in form of healthy and premium food products- Bonafide Research


Advances in technology and continuous innovation of products have made the Middle East and African pet care market boom. The people of the Middle East are embracing innovations in technology as well as food products. The nourishments of a pet can be fulfilled by feeding plant-based food also known as clean meat products. The pet parents are aware of the ingredients used in the food products and know what is good for their companions. Dry food is seeing fast development, popular when contrasted with other item partners inferable from its comfort regarding capacity and taking care of pets without creating a mess. This is emphatically influencing urban buyers to progressively settle on dry pet food. Canned food is progressively tasteful to dogs and cats as this item type contains proteins, fats, and barely any sugars and its higher absorbability makes it best for finicky eaters.

Now, that the pets are considered and treated as a family member, the pet parents are ready to spend a huge amount on their health & welfare. This has spawned the entire industry. Many companies have started manufacturing special and customized food products due to the demand created by the owners, as they want high-quality food for their pets at any cost. Especially dogs are seeing an upward pattern as far as the idea of refinement of pets, which has given a rise in the increasing demand for premium dog food. Besides, fast urbanization is among the key components driving the business sector, which ensures the fast growth of the market soon. The primary economies of the Middle East are the UAE and Saudi Arabia, with a major demand for grain-free, organic, and natural food products. The treats and snacks are also gaining a profitable market, which is usually considered as a reward during training and playtime supplements.
According to the recently published report of Bonafide Research, "Middle-East & Africa Pet Food Market, By Value, By Countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa), By Pet Food Type ( Dry Food, Wet & Canned food, Snacks & Treats, Others), By Pet Type ( Dog Food, Cat Food, Fish Food, etc.), By Ingredients ( Animal-Based, Plant-Based, Cereal Based, etc.), Overview, 2020-2025", the pet food revenue of the Middle East and Africa generated in 2019 was around USD 3 billion and is expected to grow further by the end of the year 2025. The more contributing region among them is the Middle East and both the countries' pet food industry will increase gradually. On the other hand, the African market has shown impressive growth and expected to grow with a CAGR of above 7% in the forecasted period. Pet adoptions are continuously increasing with an increase in nuclear families, changing lifestyles, humanization, and the need for companionship.
The preference towards the packed pet food is increasing gradually compared to homemade foods as people are now becoming aware of the fact that pets usually need more protein and calcium than humans do. The manufactures are also now concentrating ion innovations in treats & snacks to make it a protein-rich supplement. With the change in diet and awareness of food adulteration, the demands for organic pet food have increased gradually.