Date : August 16, 2022
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Increasing notion of treating a pet as a family member, Pet care industry as well as pet food industry are making a strong way into the European market

Increasing notion of treating a pet as a family member, Pet care industry as well as pet food industry are making a strong way into the European market
Europe is the most advanced continent on the planet earth where the pets are treated at par with humans, has seen a dramatic increase in the demand of the pet care products. The inspiration of many pet proprietors is ‘what is beneficial for me is also useful for my pet’. The increasing demand for good quality food products has influenced pet food manufacturers to switch to inputs with high quality and low additives.

Advances in technology and continuous innovation of products have made the European pet care market boom. Easily available services are more easily accessible to the owners. Europeans are embracing the innovations in technology as well as the food products. Europe is the second largest continent in the world in terms of pet care market. The nourishments of a pet can be fulfilled by feeding plant-based food also known as clean meat products. The proprietors are aware of the ingredients used in the food products and know what is good for their companions.

Previously, pets were kept in the house for the purpose of safeguard. Though, today the scenario has changed completely as pets are considered to be an important part of the family and are pampered like a child. They are being taken good care by the owners as they feed them quality food and better services. The preference towards the prepared pet food is increasing gradually compared to home-made foods as people are now becoming aware of the fact that pets usually need more protein and calcium than human beings which is only present in the pet food products. The pet ownership in Europe is rising exponentially over the past few years. Nuclear families, double income households, old age, urbanisation, lifestyle changes, etc. are some of the factors which are responsible for the growth of pet ownership in the country. The most preferred type of foods is natural, organic, grain free. The treats are also given to the pets during the birthday party, picnic or normally after few days. Now the pets are considered as companions and members of the family. The one child norm has also led to more families keeping pets. Owners are now ready to spend a huge amount of their earnings on the welfare of their beloved pets. This has spawned the entire industry. Many companies have started manufacturing special and customized food products due to the demand created by the proprietors, as they want high quality food for their pets at any cost.

Market Insights

According to the report, "Europe Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027" published by Bonafide Research, the market was valued at around USD 25 Billion. This increased awareness, combined with a shift in pet owners' preferences toward healthier foods, will allow the market to expand at a CAGR of more than 6% during the forecast period. The European market is available with new trends and drivers which are pushing further the industry. Pet adoptions in Europe is continuously increasing with increase in nuclear families, changing lifestyles, humanization and the need for companionship. The market players like Deuerer, Heristo AG, Affinity Petcare SA, InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health, C&D Foods and many other special and custom firms are leading the European brands.

Innovations in the market

Pet parents feed their pets with many treats a day and the trends in which treats are succeeding are following the same trends as pet food. Treat organizations have been tuning in to buyers' needs. That is the reason, in the course of recent years, the market has seen an increment in the treats, the back and forth movements of entire grain nourishment, and the presentation of novel proteins. As the proprietors are very much concerned about the health of their pets because of this, variety of food products are available in the market that can maintain the weight of the pets. Customers prefer to buy food products from stores only as they have more information about what would be better for what type of pet. United Kingdom, one of the European countries holds the majority of share in the pet care market. If one talks about United Kingdom, it has made the largest contribution in the pet food industry. Grain free pet food product is the factor behind the increasing growth of pet care market and the demand for organic pet food is also increasing gradually. The brands are attempting to offer natural, organic and non-processed food because now-a-days the owners are focusing on the ingredients in the food product.
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Increasing notion of treating a pet as a family member, Pet care industry as well as pet food industry are making a strong way into the European market

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