Date : May 05, 2020
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The increasing rate of pet cancers, nutrient deficiency and skin disorders will bloom the pet grooming and healthcare market in India: Bonafide Research

The increasing rate of pet cancers, nutrient deficiency and skin disorders will bloom the pet grooming and healthcare market in India: Bonafide Research

Pets are probably the human’s best friends as they are entertaining, friendly, and faithful. These cute creatures are the best companions during loneliness, playtime, or outing but these wonderful creatures are facing many problems due to the outbreak of various diseases. These diseases have made them face challenges to overcome it with few medical facilities. On the other hand, they are also facing problems with their fur, skin, and teeth which emerges the necessity of proper grooming products for them.

In India, the rate of pet cancer is emerging out rapidly due to the nutrient deficiency in them. Moreover, many parents are still unaware of choosing the right product for them. Hence, there arises a need for a proper range of grooming and healthcare products which can be understood by the pet parents. According to the report by the Indian Veterinary Institute, there were 96 cases of pet cancer in the year 2006-7 and the number rose to 209 till the year 2016-17. Hence, the cases were doubling in a short period. This was a threatening fact for the pet owners as they need to put more attention to them. Due to this, many companies have started making nutrient supplements for the pets that cane be given along with pet food. The pet grooming and healthcare market will surely grow as the need for products arise in the market.

According to the market research report entitled “India Pet Grooming and Healthcare Market by pet type (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Birds, and others), by Pet adoption type (Dog, cat & others), by company (Mars international, Royal Canin India, etc.), by Sales Channel (Specialized stores, Multi brand retails & Online retails), by Pet grooming products type (Shampoo & Conditioner, Brushes, Combs, Hair & Nail Trimming, Others (Dry Bath, powder, deo, Shedding control)), by Pet Healthcare products (Health Supplements, Dental, Eye & Ear care, Others (Healing Cream, Fleas & ticks, Skin spots & Coat Care, Diaper)), Market Overview, 2027-2028” published by Bonafide Research, the Indian Pet grooming market is expected to grow with a market value of INR 91 crore by the year 2019-20 . The pet healthcare market is expected to curb a market share of more than 2% in India. As per the discussion with Vedant Pandya, Research Analyst at Bonafide Research, “The foreign breeds of pets are experiencing more chances of cancer and other such deficiencies. On the other hand, some breeds are adopted and raised against their habitat for example, the husky is a breed of northern hemisphere with cold climate. Such breed when adopted in India decreases its chances of survival in the tropical climate of India. Due to these reasons, pets are experiencing various diseases including cancer. To overcome this, many companies have launched pet grooming and healthcare products in the Indian market. The trending grooming products include shampoos, conditioners, and brushes while the healthcare products such as supplements are largely available on the shelves. Whether the products are of grooming or healthcare, they will surely grow the market in India. Moreover, new entrants are expected to curb the market share.”

Though the international brands have entered the Indian market with their products, many Indian companies such as The Himalaya is also selling pet grooming products and health supplements. PetVeda is an Indian online shop specially designed to sell pet grooming and healthcare products. Preeti and Sanjeev Kumar established a professional pet grooming startup Scoopy Scrub to provide professional pet grooming to the Delhiite pets. They have an average of seven outlets across the Delhi NCR and other 15 franchise grooming centers across Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, and one international branch at Bangkok. On the other hand, various pet healthcare veterinary clinics are established to diagnose the pets. One such famous is ‘The Crown Vet’ established by the Pratapsinh Rao Gaekwad of Vadodara. In these ways, these Indian companies are providing services to pets for grooming and healthcare. Due to this, pet owners will get encouraged about grooming and healthcare and will buy more products from the market. Thus, driving the market in the future. The famous brands of pet grooming and healthcare in the Indian market are Blue Buffalo, Choostix, Friskies, Whiskas, Himalaya, PetVeda, and many more.

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The increasing rate of pet cancers, nutrient deficiency and skin disorders will bloom the pet grooming and healthcare market in India: Bonafide Research

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