Adaption of baby travel gear products experienced a dream push with the increasing innovative presence of baby car seat, carriers & carrycot products.
Apr, 29

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Adaption of baby travel gear products experienced a dream push with the increasing innovative presence of baby car seat, carriers & carrycot products.




Baby car seats, carriers & carrycot forms of baby travel gear have provided an increase in adaption rate among consumers.

Baby travel gears have been innovated year after year right from the presence of the baby walker which was overtaken by the baby stroller and now the emergence of products like car seat carriers and carrycot. Let us understand how the presence of these products felt in the Indian market. The car seat also called car safety, unlike in other countries it is still not mandatory in India but with the increasing road instance and taking care of an infant’s safety measures the parents have become well aware of the products and are purchasing them in order to ensure the child’s safety. Baby carriers cuddle children against the body while leaving hands so that one can move easily, navigate crowded places, and take care of daily tasks while the child snoozes or relaxes on you. An increase in the female work population has also led to the demand for baby carriers as they can easily do house chores in the morning without any disruption. Baby Carry Cot is carefully made to the highest safety standards. It is easy for parents to carry it anywhere without any hassle. It comes with a canopy, a storage compartment at the back, a rocking bottom, and an adjustable carrying handle.

Market insight
These products can be considered urban-driven products as it has the largest demand from these regions because of the highest presence of the nuclear family. It helps the parents to perform their regular work along with taking efficient care of their babies. According to the report “India Carrier, Car Seat & Carrycot Market By Value & Volume, By Sub Segment (Buckled carrier, Sling Carrier, Forward Facing Car Seat, Rare Facing Car Seat, Convertible Car Seat, etc.), By Top Cities (0-10 cities, 10-70 Cities, 70-200 Cities, other cities), By Demographics (Urban & Rural), Overview, 2022-2028” published by Bonafide Research the market car seats form of baby gears is at the dominating position among the other three segments. It has shown the fastest development in terms of volume which has registered a growth rate of around 25% CAGR in the last couple of years and is expected in the future to perform the same trend. Car seats have been the expensive segment of the product whose average selling product ranges nearly around INR 5000/item. In the last couple of years, baby carrier products have picked up the growth and are expected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% in the coming years. It is also observed that this particular product has the lowest average selling price which has let the adaption of such products. One of the reasons for its spike in growth can be said as the increase in the purchase of two-wheeler bikes as a proportion of two-wheeler owners has increased by 15% points to 36%. Along with this, there has been a demand for baby carriers to carry their babies on the go. Baby carrycots are becoming more innovative in recent times. Like it is designed as such it can be used as a Baby carrier, rocker, baby chair, recliner, and feeding seat. All these make parents have one for their child.

Some provisions by the government
The child seat provision consists of anchors and tethers installed at the bottom of the back seat of cars. Known as the LATCH [Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children] in developed countries, this mechanism is standard on all cars in the developed world. The child seat provision allows a child seat to be securely fastened on the back seat of a car. From October 2014, it was mandatory for every car maker in India to equip its cars with provisions for installing child seats. New safety measures allowed the fitment of child seats in cars and allowed drivers to safely transport kids in cars.