Date : March 16, 2020
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Traditionally used phenyls and acid are getting outperformed by the consumer's attention towards effective liquid cleaners.

Traditionally used phenyls and acid are getting outperformed by the consumer's attention towards effective liquid cleaners.

Liquid household cleaners are proving to be an effective alternative to the traditional mode of cleaning through phenyls and acid which is gaining consumer's attention.

Indian consumers’ liquid household product preferences have undergone a massive transformation due to the increasing importance that people place on hygiene for ensuring their overall wellbeing. Although value consciousness is the prime driver behind product choice, there are variety of other factors shaping consumption patterns and preferences, most important being the health and hygiene factor. In earlier days, traditional variants were used to clean the utensils, surfaces and toilets. Hence, the players in liquid household cleaning industry paid more attention on generating consumer awareness relating to use and benefit of modern hygiene related products. As a result, Indian consumer slowly started migrating to these products. The liquid cleaner's products are available in each segment of house such as toilets, utensils, surface which is further segmented in to floor, specialized and multipurpose cleaners. Liquid cleaners are considered to be the perfect substitute for cleaning toilets and have become extremely popularity in the last decade.

Market Insight
According to the report ""India Liquid Household Cleaning Market Overview, 2022-2028"" published by Bonafide Research the market have been growing at a rapid pace with a CAGR of above 16%. The market have observed huge adaption from the toilet liquid cleaners section which are among the cheapest product in this segment and are available in rural as well as in urban regions. Recently the initiative ""Swatch Bharat Mission-Grahmin"" by government has led to construct number toilets in the rural and semi urban areas that gave companies an access to make its product available in those regions. Utensil cleaner section have seen a surge in the adaption of liquid utensil cleaners because of changing consumers lifestyle, increasing use of high end crockery and glassware, advantage of giving results with a drop of liquid, unlike the slogging ability of bars. Surface cleaning liquid have been observed as a best alternative for traditional phenyl and have emerged itself in diverse cleaning category like kitchen surfaces cleaning, rooms, bathrooms, glass etc. These categories of surface cleaning are segmented in floor, specialized and multi-purpose cleaners. The increasing household budgets have allowed for new categories like specialized cleaners to enter the household. Housewives are open to purchasing specialty cleaning products to help them with household chores. This incremental expenditure on improving the home is an investment many Middle India families are consciously making. The emergence of multi-purpose cleaners is constantly gaining consumer's attention with its ability variety of products. The advantage to do away with hassles related to cleaning and the benefit of keeping one bottle instead of five.

Companies Strategy and developing trends
There are number of brands for liquid household cleaners available in the market namely Harpic, Lizil, Pril, Vim, Exo, Colin, Xpert, Dettol etc. Companies have been very dynamic while promoting their product through celebrities that have increased consumers interest and awareness about the products. Reckitt Benckiser continued to push its brand Harpic through advertising campaign 'Harpic Challenge' to promote its products door-to-door. Akshay Kumar has been chosen as a brand ambassador for the brand. Sonali Bendre has been promoting Pril, Ram Kapoor promoting Vim gel Xpert promoted by Vidhya Balan, and many more. 

Consumers in developed and developing economies have become more aware of how their everyday activities are affecting the world. They are aware about the fact that extraction, manufacture and disposal of household cleaning products has a major effect on environment and that they contain various harmful chemicals. Cleaning ingredients vary in the type of health hazard they pose. Some cause acute, or immediate, hazards such as skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or chemical burns, while others are associated with chronic, or long-term, effects such as cancer. Fragrances added to household cleaners may cause acute effects such as respiratory irritation, headache, sneezing, and watery eyes in sensitive individuals or allergy and asthma sufferers. Due to such environmental and personal disadvantages, consumers have now started demanding herbal products in almost every industry and household cleaning is not an exception. One example of this is the 'green cleaning' and herbal household cleaning products. Manufacturers are balancing herbal products with an ability to meet the genuine and perceived needs of consumers.


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Traditionally used phenyls and acid are getting outperformed by the consumer's attention towards effective liquid cleaners.

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