Date : March 16, 2020
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The premium splash of brands in Indian Laundry Care Market will surge it to INR 67853 crore by 2027-28: Bonafide Research

The premium splash of brands in Indian Laundry Care Market will surge it to INR 67853 crore by 2027-28: Bonafide Research

The brands are unremitting the premiumisation of their products ascending the consumer contentment.

Laundry care -one of the most inevitable household chores. In fact a famous native proverb ""clothes make the man"" defines the importance of laundry. The clothes we wear, defines our personality and wearing clean clothes can sparkle the glance that we meet. Hence, humans have always seen laundry care as an important part of their daily lifestyle. The developing textile markets with varying range of fabrics have altered the standard of living of the countrymen. This has also brought the consciousness of fabric hygiene and care.

Whilst the world may seem laundry care with the eyes of drudgery, the Indians have a holistic perception especially for the home masters or housewives. Most of the daily chores are conducted by housewives and laundry is the inevitable ones. The neat and clean clothes always reflect the efficacy of them.

Traditionally, Indians used to clean clothes with natural solutions such as lemon and salt & boiled reetha (Indian soapberry-Sapindus mukorossi) but they were only proven on limited fabric such as khaadi (hand quilted cotton) or muslin. But with swaying time, detergents came into the market which was proven for their efficient cleaning. 

Initially, detergent bars were used and still they have a prominent place in rural India. Soon, powder detergent were developed which were reliable and easy to use. The surf brand of HUL claims to be the first ones to enter the Indian detergent market but soon, it lost its popularity over the indigenous brand Nirma, which provided detergent as less as Rs. 3 per Kg! Another Indian brand Ghari by Rohit surfactants entered the market and is still ruling the detergent market. The first liquid detergent was introduced by Surf Excel in 2013 in Indian Laundry care market and till then, it is gaining popularity in urban markets.

Fabric care Market consists of fabric whiteners/blue and fabric conditioner/softeners. The white clothes were blued with indigo plant powder to remove the yellowish tint which acted as fabric whiteners. The very first brand Robin Blue dominated the market for years but soon lost its popularity over Indian brand Ujala. The fabric conditioners were developed targeting the urban markets and till then, brands such as Ezee, Vanish, Genteel, etc. are leading ones. 

As per the statistics of the report ""India Laundry Care Market Outlook, 2027-28"", published by Bonafide Research, the overall Indian Laundry Care Market is expected to grow to more than INR 67000 Crore by the year 2027-28 registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 9%. ""Laundry care being a necessity, the market will see a substantial growth. Detergent bars will be reduced in urban markets and liquid detergents will see a nascent growth. Still, the brands need to bring awareness about the fabric conditioners. 

With new advancements, the laundry care market flourished with innovative products such as dryer sheets, woollen balls, conditioner balls and multi-functional detergents. These products are safe, reliable and easy to use. Moreover, the brands also infuse anti-bacterial chemicals and herbals to increase the efficiency of the products. All these have brought customer satisfaction and faith to the brands.

Furthermore, the brands have adopted the concept of 'premiumisation' by letting their customers to switch to their premium customers. The Hindustan Unilever limited has recently launched a new detergent brand 'Love and care' as a part of their premium splash. The Love and care detergent was developed for the wash sensitive clothes such as silk, chiffon, and brocades. The Godrej brand Ezee has developed its product for the all year round usage. Brands such as Ariel and Surf Excel have also developed detergents compatible with washing machines. All these efforts have attracted the customers to switch their old products with new premium ones.

Coming to marketing, Brands have always tried to promote their products with trials and campaigns. Through trustworthy taglines and payoffs, brands challenge their rivals. Famous payoff lines of various brands are Ghari detergent, ""pehle istamaal karein fir vihwas karein"", Nirma detergent ""sabki pasand Nirma"", detergent brand Tide ""kyun? chaunk gaye?"" detergent brand Surf Excel's ""Daag ache hain"" and fabric conditioner brand Ezee ""kapde rakhe naye ke naye"" are the most known ones. Fabric whitener brand Ujala's tagline ""chaar boondon wala ujala"" shows that the product is effective enough on minimum usage. All these efforts have helped the brands to build compassion and credence towards their products.




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The premium splash of brands in Indian Laundry Care Market will surge it to INR 67853 crore by 2027-28: Bonafide Research

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