Date : February 05, 2020
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Oats is getting tastier and consumers are getting healthier.

Oats is getting tastier and consumers are getting healthier.

The traditional way of consumer's heaving hot cooked breakfast is getting transformed into hot and healthier breakfast.

Breakfast is an important meal to start the day with, it is believed that better the breakfast better the mind and that helps to be positive. We Indians since ages are very fond of heaving delicious meal as a morning breakfast. It is a culture of India to live in a joint family and also in every joint family there is a tradition to have heavy Breakfast. Indian have always been attracted towards consuming typical hot-cooked breakfast  and the type and the taste of breakfast differs from region to region in India such as parathas in the north, and Idli or dosa in the south, puri and sabji or sweets in the east and khaman, poha etc in the west. However in the modern times the families are getting small and the people are getting busier also the time to spend in cooking hot breakfast right in the morning is getting reduced. This has allowed a trend of packed cereal breakfast to include in one's life. This cereal breakfast includes the products like Cornflakes, Muesli, Oats which is considered as healthy meal and rich with nutrients. The main advantage here is that these meals don't require lot of time to prepare and with can be prepared with minimal efforts. These meal are divided into two parts namely ready to eat (RTE) and hot cereals, cornflakes and muesli which are also comes under ready to eat meal which can be consumed without cooking and oats comes under hot cereals.

According to the report " Indian Breakfast And Cereal ( Ready To Eat, Hot Cereals (Plain, Flavoured), By Type( Cornflakes, Muesli, Oats), By Tier, By City Market Overview, 2022-2028" Indian breakfast and cereal market have grown at compressive rate over the last few years with the changing lifestyle of consumers and changing with change in the habit of choosing the breakfast. The ready to eat sector in this market is considered as the market dominator this is because of the largest adaption of cornflakes products in terms of the value in the market.  In the initial period the entry of cornflakes did not work well as an alternative of breakfast because of the lower awareness among the consumers about its benefits unlike the western culture. After years of fight, marketers have finally succeeded in creating awareness about cornflakes as a healthy breakfast option. Muesli is another part of RTE breakfast section which is smaller in terms of value but the fastest growing products in this sector.

Then comes the hot cereals which includes the oats meal both these sector is heaving neck to neck competition in the market. Oats has been a trend in Indian market the Indian oats story, that started as early as 2006 when Quaker launched plain oats, is coming of age as marketers are cobbling together plans to unchain its full potential. The inflection really happened with the launch of the flavoured/masala or flavoured oats around 2010. Marico led the flavoured oats wave by prototyping and test marketing Saffola Masala oats in 2010 in the South, the hot bed of all test marketing. The launch of the flavours by other players gradually led to an augmented relevance and acceptance for the oats category which increased its penetration. Innovation in the terms of fruits and flavoured have attracted the consumers the in large amount. Indian premium cereal market is growing tremendously from the past few years. The market is propelling on the back of rising demand of traditional flavour in the cereal products. Moreover, breakfast cereal companies are focusing on traditional flavours and launching their products in these flavours to provide variety to the Indian consumer. Some players are even manufacturing and launching products focusing on the flavours of different regions of the country. All the companies are trying to gain the market by launching different types of cereal according to the consumer’s preference.

The main benefits of the inclusion of cereal breakfast in the morning meal are that it has the positive effect on one's health. As Indian consumer are moving towards healthier life style breakfast cereal plays an important role in food and beverage category. Awareness is increasing among Indians about long-term health issues associated with an irregular diet and fast food consumption. Indians are taking more interest in taking control of their personal health than ever before. There is a renewed interest in reading about health and wellness. Hence, communicating nutritious and offering healthy product concepts are the areas of focus for breakfast cereal manufacturers now in India.Growth in the breakfast cereal industry is highly correlated to the expansion of modern food retail which is growing robustly from the last few years. Modern retail formats have been great contributors to the segment by setting benchmarks in retail operations, display and storage of products. Modern retail formats such as Big Bazar, Spencer’s, Hyper-city, etc. store breakfast cereals on their shelves in a way which provides more visibility to brands.


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Oats is getting tastier and consumers are getting healthier.

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