Date : January 28, 2020
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After Brown rice, is black rice going to be the new trend in Indian market?? Or organic rice will continue its momentum.

After Brown rice, is black rice going to be the new trend in Indian market?? Or organic rice will continue its momentum.

Rice consumption is getting healthier and more nutritional there a transformation from white rice to brown rice and organic rice and now black rice included into the list.

Rice is the national staple food of India which is being consumed in almost every house since ages. India is among the top two rice consuming nation just after china, where both of these countries combine consumes nearly 50% of overall global rice consumption. Usually, basmati and non-basmati were the two forms of the rice that are being widely consumed in India where non-basmati is used for a regular purpose, and basmati is used for an occasional purpose. Basmati was considered to be the premium segment of rice and also have a very smaller part in India's rice consumption. Indian rice market is further segmented into packed and unpacked rice market where unpacked, which is also called as an unorganised sector, have the highest consumption rate because of its availability. Such rice is available in local stores, and its cost is relatively less as compared to the packed ones. Packed rice segment in Indian rice market is growing at a gradual pace, also leading to an increase in cutthroat competition among the top rice companies and the new entrants into the rice market.
According to the report “India Rice Market (Domestic & Export), By Type (Basmati & Non-basmati), By Packaging (Packed & Unpacked), By Company, By Region (State & City), By Sales Channel (Traditional & Departmental Stores, Supermarket / Hypermarket, Online) Market Outlook, 2017 - 28” by bonafide research Indian packed rice market is forecasted to grow at substantially at a CAGR of above 9.5%. The demand of packed rice has increased in the past few years with the increase in urbanisation and consumers purchasing power. There is also growing health consciousness among the consumers due to which a change in the habit of food consumption has been observed. Since the last couple of years, there is a shift in consumers demand towards health rice sector, which includes brown rice and organic rice as of now and new entrant black rice is getting into the list. Brown rice and Organic rice are the latest trends in Indian packed rice market because of its nutritional values. Brown rice is whole grain rice which is unmilled or partly milled rice consisting of all the natural component bran, germ, and endosperm. This rice being unpolished but have a short life span because it has oil in its bran and also mostly available in 1kg and 5kg pack. Brown rice market in packed rice industry has shown a growth CAGR over 21% in the historically and even expected to grow at a healthy rate in coming years. Organic rice, on the other hand, is prepared without any adulteration also there is no definition of organic rice, but the only difference is the method of its preparation. The reason why organic rice is different from conventional rice is that does not use the synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or growth regulators. Now a day's consumers are more leaning towards organic products which are beneficial for health which has lead to an increase in organic farming in many states of the country. Organic rice is a growing market in the packing industry but has shown great adaption and the market is expected to grow at a healthy rate in the near future. The only backdrop in the organic rice sector is it comes in both brown as well as white rice form, so it becomes difficult to categorise which one is organic and which is not. Both these type of rice being from the premium rice segment are widely available through online sales mode because of its restricted availability through retail stores and other mode.

Along with the brown and black type of rice, a new form of rice has evolved in Indian rice market as "Black rice". According to research, black rice came into existence because of its high nutritional value as compare to both brown and organic rice. This rice has a more elevated amount of antioxidants which helps in fighting many diseases and chronic condition. Black rice production in India is still restricted to certain states of eastern and northeastern. Black rice farming is low water, labour intensive, the organic method that uses young seedling singly spaced and typically-weeded with special tools. The market of black rice has yet not evolved in the Indian market. In contrast, the adaptability of organic rice has increased over the years, so it will be waiting and watch period to see which type of rice will outperform the other one.

Major Companies
Top companies have also started to enter into the health rice segment with the growing consumer demand. Indian rice market consists of two types of rice that are basmati and non-basmati rice. Companies like Kohinoor Foods Limited, LT Foods Limited, KRBL Limited and other private label brands like Big Basket with their top brands Kohinoor rice, Daawat, India Gate etc.


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After Brown rice, is black rice going to be the new trend in Indian market?? Or organic rice will continue its momentum.

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