Date : September 23, 2022
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In India, various pack sizes of diapers have contributed to the growth of industry. - Bonafide Research

In India, various pack sizes of diapers have contributed to the growth of industry. - Bonafide Research

In anticipation of high demand, manufacturers intended to make the diaper prices as affordable as possible which propelled the launch of various smaller pack sizes in last few years. Pampers, Huggies and Mamy Poko are the three leading players in the diaper industry with a wide range of variants. Pampers has more than 71 SKUs, Huggies has 42 SKUs in diaper, Mamy Poko pants has 25 SKUs in baby diaper. They have diapers ranging from Rs. 8 to Rs 99; from disposable diaper to swim pant diaper; from one diaper in pack to 128 diapers in pack; from extra small size to extra-large etc. Single or double diaper pack size is recently introduced by companies having found need of them by lower middle class as they occasionally use diaper for babies.

According to report on 'India Diaper (Baby & Adult) Market Overview, 2022-28' published by Bonafide Research, total diaper market has grown with more than 20% CAGR during the historic time period. Diaper market largely consists of baby diapers in India with more than 95% volume share whereas adult diapers have just started to foray into the mainstream market. In India, baby diapers are divided into five type's viz. disposable diapers, modern cloth diapers, training pants, swim pants and biodegradable diapers which have very less presence in the Indian market. Among disposable diaper, modern cloth nappy, training pants, swim pants and biodegradable diaper, disposable holds major share due to its popularity. During forecast period, biodegradable diaper will grow at highest CAGR in comparison to other. Major players include P&G, Kimberly Clark and Unicharm etc.

Among all variants, pack size of 11 to 35 are major contributor in the year 2021-22. They are affordable for most of Indian parents as they start from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1400. Parents find it most convenient as they are perfect for monthly grocery budget. Pampers have 11 variants in this pack size, Huggies have 14 variants and Mamy Poko pants have 8 variants in this segment. Other segments like below 10 diapers, 36 to 55 numbers of diaper and 56 & above diaper hold remaining share of the industry. In below 10 diaper segment, revenue generation is achieved by selling large number of packs whereas in larger pack one can generate revenue by selling few units. 36 to 55 diaper pack size is purchased by well to do families as they can afford to spend more than Rs. 1000 on diaper every month. Moreover, e-commerce platform provide hefty discounts on them.

Major Companies
Major companies that operate into Indian Diaper market are Johnson & Johnson Private Limited, Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited, Kimberly-Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd., Unicharm India Private Limited, Nobel Hygiene Pvt. Ltd., BellaPremier Happy HygieneCare Pvt. Ltd., Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited, Patanjali Ayurved Limited, The Himalaya Drug Company

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In India, various pack sizes of diapers have contributed to the growth of industry. - Bonafide Research

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