Date : October 14, 2022
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Kissan has always been the commonly recognized name in jams independent of rivalry in India- Bonafide Research

Kissan has always been the commonly recognized name in jams independent of rivalry in India- Bonafide Research

In India, people know only one name i.e. Kissan and its variants since long. Many brands has come and gone, people have not left the Kissan for its jam.

The Kissan brand was begun in 1935, intending to take into account British clients and tastes. The brand was then acquired by the UB group in 1950 and then taken over by Hindustan Unilever in 1993. Throughout the years, the brand has turned out to be synonymous with jams and ketchup, being the go to decision for some Indian families. Now, Kissan makes fruit juices, jams, squashes and other canned foods. The perfect kind of jam honours and celebrates the goodness of fruits.  It preserves the taste of ripe and luscious mangoes, moist lychees and plump strawberries when they aren’t in season.

The report on 'India Sweet Spread (jam, Honey, Choco) Market Overview, 2022-28’ published by Bonafide Research says that the market is anticipated to grow with more than 14% CAGR. Apart from jam, it includes honey (row & processed), chocolate spread (plain & nut based) in the report. Among all these three products, chocolate spread has grown with the highest CAGR during review period. It includes companies like Farrero (Nutella), Dr.Oetker (Funfoods), Hershey's, Dukes, Mapro (Mazanna). Except in chocolate spread market, retail sales has dominance over institutional sales in honey and jam market in the year 2021-22. In jam market, there are players like kissan, Mapro, Patanjali, Tops, Mala, Cremica etc. In the honey market, there is co-existence of organised and unorganised players, later having dominance over other. Dabur and Patanjali are the biggest names in honey market commanding more than 85% share.

Kissan has always been focused on their core products namely jam and ketchup. Kissan Jam target kids and the vast majority of their items like squashes, jams and ketchup obliges this group. Kissan jam is available in four variants namely, orange, mixed fruit, pineapple and mango. Through an appealing taste, right fixings and string promoting technique Kissan has been fruitful in associating with consumers strongly. The promotional technique and advertisements of Kissan have always been focused on their top seller Mixed Fruit Jam. The company has always marketed communication which focuses on Trust, natural goodness, health, versatile and sweet taste. Kissan takes a lot of care in the sourcing of their raw material and they have partnered with agriculturists from various parts of the country to ensure that their raw materials are of top quality and fresh. Kissan sources their raw materials through Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Maharashtra where they procure sustainable produce from smallholder farmers, tomato paste processor, Maharashtra government and the agri-input supply companies. This gave them a competitive edge over rivals and also made them independent of import of the raw materials which was the strategy used by the competition.

In the year 2016, it launched three flavours in the range which are the Kissan Strawberry Blast, the Kissan Berry Blast and the Kissan Orange Blast. It claimed that the Strawberry Blast is made with fresh strawberries; the Berry Blast combines black grapes, strawberries and blueberries Meanwhile the Orange Blast is made with real orange peels. The brands have been able to associate it successfully with Indian sentiments and capture the minds of their target audience which is primarily children.

Major Companies
Major companies that operate into the spreads market in India are Dabur India Ltd., Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (Kissan), Ferrero (Nutella), Baidyanath Group, Britannia Industries Limited, Mapro Foods Pvt. Ltd., The Hershey Company  (Hershey's), Dr. Oetker India Pvt. Ltd. (Funfoods)
Report: India Sweet Spreads (Jam, Honey, Choco) Market Overview, 2022-28
Base Year: 2016-17, Estimated Year: 2022-23, Forecast Year: 2027-28
Pages: 75, Figures: 18, Tables: 24

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Kissan has always been the commonly recognized name in jams independent of rivalry in India- Bonafide Research

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