‘Say NO to Plastic’ movement opens the new door for paper industry as market allows packaging of products for the goodness of the nature- Bonafide Research
Oct, 14

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‘Say NO to Plastic’ movement opens the new door for paper industry as market allows packaging of products for the goodness of the nature- Bonafide Research


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Considering anti-plastic movement are placed in nation encourage to use paper for packaging. Growing awareness of hazardous result of use of plastic may leads the find alternative which is not harmful for nature. And paper is one of the best alternatives of plastic especially for packaging with having no harmful side effects.

According the report on 'India Paper Market Overview, 2022-28’ published by Bonafide Research, India overall market paper has grown with more than 8% CAGR over reviewing period from year 2022-23 to 2027-28. Considering environment changes and active role played by government, people are shifting their preference toward the use of eco-friendly products. Growing awareness of the hazardous result of use of plastic, marketers have shifted their preference over paper from plastic. Government is continuous trying to encourage the consumer to avoid the use of plastic. This active role of government and adoption for the welfare of nature by society boost the paper market. As the growing FMCG industry and its large size indicates the growth for packaging with use of paper.

Paperboard & industrial packaging paper, paper stationery, newspaper print and speciality paper altogether creates the overall paper market. Among these all categories, paperboard & industrial packaging paper and paper stationery altogether contributed nearly two third market share of overall paper market. Paper industry of India are become more competitive by adding improvements of machinery, roads & railways and communication facilities, revision of forest policy is required for wood based paper industry so that plantation can be raised by industry, cooperatives of farmers and state government. In addition, increasing living standard of people, rising disposable income of consumer, higher literacy rate, growth of FMCG market, etc. encourage the use of paper for writing, printing, newspaper, packaging and much more.

Due to the expanding environment issues of landfill and non-biodegradable or very slow degradation of plastic and metal packaging, marketers adopt paper as the alternative of plastic for the packaging. Thus, paper and paperboards market is growing with brighter aspects.

Major Companies
Major companies that operate into the paper market in India are ITC Limited, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), J K Paper Limited, Seshasayee Paper & Boards Limited (SPB), N R Agarwal Industries Limited (NRAIL).

Report: India paper Market Overview, 2022-28
Base Year: 2021-22, Estimated Year: 2022-23, Forecast Year: 2027-28
Pages: 54, Figures: 4, Tables: 11

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