Date : August 01, 2016
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Adoption from young generation is determining the future of food preparation appliances in India: Bonafide Research

Adoption from young generation is determining the future of food preparation appliances in India: Bonafide Research

Young generations moving towards different cities have increased the adoption of new methods for preparing food. This is driving the growth of food preparation appliances in the country. Moreover, growth opportunities are also driven by health awareness, new product development, increased female employment as well as the influence of cooking shows. Preparing food was very massive in earlier ages but with the advancement of human knowledge and technology, men have created many devices for easily making food. With the expansion of technology, people can prepare food without difficulty and quickly with the help of advanced food preparation appliances. People can cook food and healthy drinks with less effort compared to the precedent.

Food preparation appliances include mixer grinders, food processors, hand mixers, juice extractors, electric choppers, juicer mixer grinders, and others (wet grinders, meat grinders, stand mixers). Food preparation appliances not only reduce the workload but also physical efforts. It takes a lot of time in preparing food rather than cook food which includes chopping, cutting, and many other tasks. The convenience of fast food often makes it an attractive choice for youth consumers. Healthy food, on the other hand, is often less convenient and takes more time and effort to prepare. However, healthy foods are less expensive than fast foods. Many young adults never learned how to cook, or they simply don't bother, because there are so many other choices, like fast food, takeout, or frozen dishes. Compared to traditional home cooking, fast food is more immediately gratifying and pleasurable and well, faster to prepare and consume. But now the trend has been toward eating more meals prepared at home. Eating at home allows controlling the ingredients in food so that people can use natural ingredients instead of unhealthy processed foods. As preparing food at home is healthy, the young generation has started adopting food preparation appliances.

According to a published report by Bonafide Research "India Food Preparation Appliance Market Outlook, 2027-28", the market volumes for food preparation appliances were growing with a CAGR of over 13% over the last few years. Eating homemade food also provides many other benefits. Advanced technology like electric choppers, food processors, mixer grinders, and easy availability of ingredients nowadays help youth to prepare food in no time and that has improved the standard of living. Nowadays, the young generation is becoming busy and doesn’t have time to spend much cooking food. So, they started inventing new methods which made cooking easy. And these new inventions also produced good taste and different varieties and caused dramatic changes in lifestyle.

The cooking machines help working housewives prepare food easily and they do not have to spend much time in the kitchen. This is bound towards a modern life where foods can be prepared in few minutes. Nowadays, both parent work, and hence they do not get enough time to cook ethnic food for them; instead, they work more to earn more, thus improving their lifestyle. The young generation is now able to prepare food with the use of food preparation appliances and thus can spend more time with family. An exemplification would be that of a busy office lady late from work who prepares easy cook meal for dinner in no time. As youth move to towns in search of better opportunities, it accelerates urbanization and brings new challenges. Internet retailing will continue to be the fastest-growing channel for food preparation appliances over the next few years, as consumers continue to enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Major companies operating in the food preparation appliances market of India are Preethi Kitchen Appliances Pvt. Ltd., Bajaj Electricals Limited, Philips India Limited, Groupe SEB India Pvt. Ltd., Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited, Kitchen Appliances India Limited, Havells India Limited, Jaipan Industries Limited, Usha International Limited, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. and TTK Prestige Limited.

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Adoption from young generation is determining the future of food preparation appliances in India: Bonafide Research

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