Innovative Toothpaste and Specialized Products will Boost The Oral Care Industry in India: Bonafide Research
Sep, 01

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Innovative Toothpaste and Specialized Products will Boost The Oral Care Industry in India: Bonafide Research


Gradually, sales of various toothpaste products are increasing due to growing trend of premiumization, changing lifestyle and standard of living, availability of various domestic and international brands, innovation, marketing strategies of companies and rising disposable income in the country. India has eyewitness inactive growth from the last few years, which in turn led to a sharp increase in the income of the middle class & lower middle class segment, which eventually lead to the enlarge in discretionary spending. Toothpaste segment is generating maximum revenue for oral care market which is available in whitening, gel, herbal, sensitivity, anti-cavities etc. Also these are available at a mass and premium price range along with small and big sizes. Toothpaste is an essential as it is the most important to maintain oral hygiene throughout the day. Whitening toothpaste is widely used among people in order to keep teethes white and cavity free. Also, toothpaste for diabetes patients is also growing as the trend of dentist recommended toothpaste is taking upward position as maintaining sugar level in body is very crucial for diabetes patients. Companies are launching various specialized products such as mouthwash, mouth fresheners, dental floss, oral care chewing gum, and flourish liquids with focus on emerging markets that will attach the growth to the oral care market in India. Specialized oral care products in these days are used by many people who are addicted with tobacco and smoking and have become a part of daily life. Thus, India has mature market for toothpaste within oral care industry whereas the specialized products are growing rapidly among consumers because of its easy use and multipurpose benefits. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Oral Care Market Outlook 2021", toothpaste market is growing at a CAGR of more than 11% over five years. The growing middle class and increasing disposable income provides many opportunities in the toothpaste Industry as people are moving up from basic needs. The increase in toothpaste consumption is growing primarily due to its whitening and gel segment as well as its various variants that people prefer according to their oral type and regarding issues. Specialized products category hold the leading brands and products in the country, and these products are the most often used to keep mouth and breath fresh and healthy. The people become more conscious for oral hygiene to maintain it through the day. As a result the specialized products are available in the market for various purposes of use such as mouthwash for sensitive teethes, mouthwash for tobacco users and smokers, mouth fresheners for gum problem, and many others so that people are preferred to choose their product according to their particular intention. Majority of mouthwash users utilize it after lunch and dinner. Moreover, herbal toothpaste are rapidly growing segment in toothpaste market as people show more trust on herbal and natural products. Also, the dentists recommend the herbal toothpaste for oral care that also ensures the fleshy growth in the segment. As a result, the various innovative toothpaste and specialized oral care products are expected to drive the industry in India in upcoming years.