India Sanitaryware Market Ready to Capture the Spirits of Coming Ages: Bonafide Research
Aug, 01

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India Sanitaryware Market Ready to Capture the Spirits of Coming Ages: Bonafide Research


Sanitaryware products are now termed as lifestyle products and are viewed as the medium to showcase the premium lifestyle. The ceramic sanitary ware market is mainly driven by the growth in the real estate market. In developed economies, the demand for ceramic sanitary ware products is driven by the replacement need, whereas in the developing economies as such India the market is driven by new demand. The shift of production from developed nations to developing nations and changing consumer preferences for luxury products are also driving the market for ceramic sanitary ware products. Consumers in the developing nations are emphasizing more on look and feel; hence it also acts as a driver for the market. People are now more concerned about giving artistic and aesthetic looks to their bathrooms rather than viewing it as just a functional space. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Sanitaryware Market Outlook 2021", the sanitaryware market is projected to increase more than 11% CAGR in the forecast period. The leading players in the market include HSIL, Parryware, Cera, Roca and others. Sanitation conditions have improved in the country, but still around 69% households in rural areas and about 19% households in urban areas of India don’t have access to safe sanitation. This indicates the latent opportunity in the country’s sanitary ware market. India sanitary ware market consists of both organized player and unorganized players, with organized players holding the majority share. Further, with increasing brand awareness and demand for luxurious and stylish sanitary ware, the market share of organized players in the overall sanitary ware market is expected to increase in coming years. The release of harmful gases, waste water, and solid waste are the biggest restraints for the ceramic sanitary ware market. The manufacturing of ceramics releases nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and sulfur oxides into the air that pose a threat to the environment.