Our Team :

Bonafide is a group of young professionals from varied backgrounds who have come together to create a team working in multiple areas across domains with an ever-increasing array of services. Bonafide Research's team comes with a rich educational background; possessing post-graduate education in one or more of the following disciplines – Business Management, Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Mass Communication, English Hons., etc. We provide the best Human Resource environment to attract and retain talent as our analysts are real assets to us. Our professionals have strong clientele focus on delivering value & building long-term bond. They are fundamental to every action we take, every piece of knowledge we impart, every title we publish and every report we produce. It’s their expertise and experience that empowers our success, and in return, we help power their careers. Our diverse group of researchers' expertise comes from years of experience and immersion into a broad array of categories, segments and verticals. Our team can bring deep perspective to your business needs and your target audiences.

We are Small team who takes on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients. Each member of the team is an expert of his/her own industry so they can deliver analysis, comments, opinions and advice on the latest market trends and conditions. The team has handled several market research & consulting assignments with fortune 500 companies. The richness of our backgrounds gives us the range of expertise we need to tackle our clients’ most complex problems. Through innovation & ideas we have a promising future for our valuable clientele. The proactiveness, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our team are precious qualities that help us serve our customers well. Bonafides´ leading edge publications makes the life easy for corporate executives, investors, financial and banking executives, management consultants, policymakers, entrepreneurs, analysts, researchers, academicians and many more. Whether you’re manufacturers, distributors, service providers, government /regulatory agencies, industry/trade associations – Bonafide can help you make better decisions, and become more competitive. The Bonafide team is highly motivated and is persistent towards achieving excellence and has firm belief in doing the right thing for the right reasons. We create additional values for customers by continuous improvement in our products & services.

Dhwipal Shah

Founder & CEO

Vivek Bhasker

Research Analyst