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Dominance of P&G's whisper in India sanitary napkin market has been witnessed over period of time. Bonafide Research

Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited (P&G) is one of India's fastest growing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Companies which offers Whisper sanitary napkin. It has been a market leader in sanitary napkin market in In...

Is India making silent roar of whisper increasing use of sanitary napkins instead traditional mean of sanitation? Bonafide research

India is silently increasing use of sanitary napkin which may the result of government initiatives, NGO's efforts, Companies' CSR work or increased awareness. It is making huge difference between recent time and the time passed wh...

Increasing adoption of new technologies in video recorder market has attain volumetric growth of Close to 1500 thousand units in 2017: Bonafide research

“Increasing crime rate, necessity of safety and security, technology advancements, declining pricing, high acceptance in government projects, transportation sector, and increasing IT spending is expected to drive the market” ...

India CCTV Market is changing another perspective to effectively shield fundamental assets from rising threats to safety and security: Bonafide Research

"Infrastructure development and security awareness is pouring interests in the Indian market for Surveillance. Furthermore, Adoption of new technologies, growing awareness, Increasing crime rate, government initiative in smart cit...

India Spoonful Yogurt did not born with golden spoon though giving ripe fruits to its players. Bonafide Research

In India spoonful yogurt means only Curd or Dahi consumed from the past and is part of daily meal. The idea of packaged spoonful yogurt was figment of the imagination only. Though, with the entry of international and home-grown pl...

Hot up and make up of India frozen Yogurt market by Retail Yogurt makers and Yogurt service chain. Bonafide Research

Indian consumers are in transitional phase wherein they are shifting from unpackaged or lose Yogurt to packaged Yogurt. In this phase, Retail Yogurt makers and Yogurt service chains are helping Indians to move ahead and have healt...

Organized biscuit market revenues will surpass the mark of INR 400 billion by 2023: Bonafide Research

India is the third largest producers of biscuits following United States and China. The biscuit market of India is driven by factors such as increasing income of consumers, shift to premium biscuits, more manufacturing facilities ...

Indian cookies biscuit market is projected to grow with a CAGR of more than 11% over the forecast period: Bonafide Research

Changing taste preferences, high margins, expansion of modern supermarket chains and increasing affluence amongst consumers have encouraged the manufacturers to come up with different kinds of cookies. Due to low income people, la...

Can Drinkable yogurt like buttermilk, Lassi and Smoothie make their place in Indian Yogurt market smoothly or not? Bonafide Research

The whole concept of frozen yogurt and yogurt based other products were new before the entry of international as well as Indian yogurt service chain market in India. They were known of just Lassi and Buttermilk as drinkable yogurt...

Indian consumers are in transitional period shifting from unpackaged/unbranded Yogurt to packaged/branded yogurt. Bonafide Research

Indian customers across the country shift from unpackaged to packaged dairy products, be it butter, yoghurt, ghee or, ice-creams and consumption of value added dairy products such as yogurt has gone up in urban homes. This is due ...