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India dietary supplement market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 15 percent in forecasted period 2022-23: Bonafide Research

"Transformation in food habits, less physical work, more of desk jobs have made Indians more vulnerable to lifestyle ailments. The average urban & semi-urban Indian is becoming more conscious about health & fitness. This is provid...

Having touched institutional sales, pizza & pasta sauces are boosting retail sales gradually with the time-Bonafide Research

Having been westernised, India now has an insatiable appetite for pizzas. People were used to eat pizza and pastas only in restaurants and pizza outlets. But now they cook their own pizza, pasta at their home with the help of sauc...

Fight between the two giants to capture the riper part of the tomato ketchup market in India: Maggi vs. Kissan- Bonafide Research

The two multi-nationals are competing close to gain the bigger pie of the tomato ketchup market in India, in which the Swiss multinational seems to have captured a bigger share owing to the privilege of its brand name, whereas HUL...

The Hot and Barbeque Sauces Market is making place in Indian market with its ultimate taste and various application- Bonafide Research

Hot sauces and barbeque sauces are new in Indian but heartily welcomed by Indian because of their taste. The major players which offer hot sauces in the market are organized players like FunFood, Veeba, Del Monte, Cremica, America...

Rising number of QSRs boosting the demand for Chinese, Hot and Barbeque Sauces in India- Bonafide Research

Chinese, Hot and Barbeque Sauces are more and more in demand due to increasing international QSRs like Subway, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, KFC, etc and other domestic restaurant and cafes serving western foods. These restaurants are no...

Mayochup: A real new sauce or just modified version of fry sauce by Heinz?-Bonafide Research

Mayochup, as the Heinz calls it, a hybrid of mayonnaise and tomato ketchup is expected to be launched by this year end, in order to compete for dominance amid consumers’ changing taste buds for table sauces. Heinz, the popular k...

The more the merrier: Availability of many variants of salad dressing helps the market to climb with an expected CAGR of more than 20 percent- Bonafide Research

Availability of 14 variants of salad dressings expected to make a space on every table of the country, be it a middle-class home or a seven-star hotel. Having known the health benefits people have welcomed various salad dressings ...

Is wine a boon or a bane for the consumer’s health?: Bonafide Research

A large number of theories suggest that moderate consumption of wine provides you with some amount of health benefits, specially the red wine consumption is said to help people live longer, provides protection against certain c...

The various colour of wines changing from red to other different colours wine marketing is flourishing: Bonafide Research

It is not about the colour of traditional Indian red wines, it’s more of increasing popularity of white, sparkling, rose and other wines into the Indian market. The Indian consumers have stared explori...

Increased new fragrances and variants have blossomed the India Agarbatti and Dhoop market in the past years- Bonafide Research

The players in India agarbatti and dhoop market are found to be expanding their product range by bring new fragrances as well as new variants in term of pack size, stick shape, stick colour, stick length, et...