India- World’s third largest electricity producer; whose production levels are not enough to meet the rising demand - Bonafide research

Power is one of the most critical components of infrastructure crucial for the economic development and welfare of countries. Electricity demand in the country has increased rapidly and is expected to rise f...Read More

Continuous growth of construction and development activities, will leads switchgear industry in the forecast period - Bonafide research

A portion of the prominent trends that the market is seeing incorporate rapid boom in the construction segment. Switchgear is necessary from the point of production of electricity to end users. As the end us...Read More

Exide and Amara Raja collectively dominating lead acid battery market, despite tough competition from unorganized players : Bonafide research

Exide Industries Limited again getting back the market share it had lost to its much agile and fierce competitor Amara Raja Batteries Limited, which had a desirable growth for the past several years. Together they are making huge ...Read More

Cost barrier for the Lithium Ion Battery is an advantage for lead acid battery in automotive industry :Bonafide Research

The Government of India has plans to make a major shift to electric vehicles by 2030. Even if India is able to achieve 50-70%, India will be one of the largest adopters of electric mobility. Lead acid battery is the best available...Read More

Kissan has always been the commonly recognized name in jams independent of rivalry in India- Bonafide Research

In India, people know only one name i.e. Kissan and its variants since long. Many brands has come and gone, people have not left the Kissan for its jam. The Kissan brand was begun in 1935, intending to take into account British...Read More

“As Butter is equal to Amul, Chocolate Spread is equal to Nutella in India spread market” : Bonafide Research

Italian confectionery major Ferrero is the another name for chocolate spreads in the country, as it is having a dominating share in the chocolate spread market, primarily due to its popularity on the social ...Read More

The fading rum market expects some stability with growing popularity of white Rums - Bonafide Research

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Brandy and Rum: The Underdogs of India Alcoholic Beverage market- Bonafide Research

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Beer is slowly becoming a perfect after-work companion for corporate India and fueling the beer market growth in the country- Bonafide research

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What is the best substitute to whiskey & wine which leaves you high and burns a hole in your pocket? Maybe Beer :Bonafide research

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