Hair Care appliance market is moving from hair dryers to hair straightener and hair styler products: Bonafide Research

Growth of organized retail with the entry of a large number of domestic and international players, and a growing awareness of global trends along with the need to look fashionable is exceedingly influencing the hair care appliances market in India. India personal care market is categorized into the major segments such as Hair Care Appliance, Hair Removal Appliances, Oral Care Appliances and facial cleaning & massager appliances. Hair care appliances is an array of products such as hair dryer, hair straightener, and hair styler; whereas, Hair removal appliances includes products like trimmer, power shaver, epilators. Other hair removal appliances such as hair clipper, body groomer, and face styler are making their presence in the market. Oral care appliances category is mainly involves electric & battery toothbrush, oral irrigator, and plaque remover. Hair dryer is the most saturated category within the hair care appliances market in India and it has been considered as an essential tool for both men and women for their hair drying and styling needs. Hair straighteners have showcased drastic consumption in recent years due to increased purchasing power of women and trend of straight long hair. The hair styler device is growing with the moderate growth in India as compared to hair dryer and hair straightener products within the hair care appliances market. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Personal Care Appliances Market Overview", the personal care appliances market is projected to register the CAGR of over 30% during forecast period. Indian women, especially young female crowd, spends a lot on hair care appliances as hair dryer and hair straightener are become an essential products for daily grooming. Women's are willing to spend more on personal grooming, with hair care taking precedence. Furthermore, the Indian women nowadays are much more up-to-date about trends, and do appreciate good service and products that are convenient and outputs into trendy look. In addition, women consumers also are ready to try out new hairstyles by own, which leads the demand for hair straighteners, stylers and curlers. The continuous efforts of leading manufacturers in R&D activities and subsequent product development will accelerate the sales of personal care appliances. The professional personal care appliances that are widely used in salons and spas and to push the sales of personal care appliances, the leading players are selling these products through offering them combo pack, grooming kit, and also attractive discount schemes. The companies like Philips and Panasonic are making enormous efforts to penetrate this category. The trend of modern retail chain and e-commerce has provided a platform to the personal care appliances manufacturing companies to launch and position their offerings to India’s affluent consumer base. Major companies operating in the personal care appliances market of India are Gillette India Limited, Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd., Philips India Limited, Procter & Gamble India Limited, TriStar Products Limited and Wahl Clipper Corporation.

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